AAACEAmerican Association of Adult and Continuing Education (Bowie, MD)
AAACEAirport Access Authorization to Commercial Establishments (US FEMA)
AAACEAmerican Association of Agricultural College Editors (now Agricultural Communicators in Education)
AAACEAustralian Association of Adult and Community Education, Inc.
AAACEAfrican American Association of Cultural Exchange (Nyack University; New York)
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But AAACE leaders had some anxiety about that role for our members.
* We had a long-range strategic meeting to discuss and develop our work together in Mali between ADRIM and AAACE.
AAACE tomorrow will be stronger when it represents the composite image of professional members who hold advanced degrees, who know how to carry out acceptable research..., and who have the ability to teach their knowledge to others.
In 1913, the first meeting of the American Association of Agricultural College Editors (AAACE) was conducted at the University of Illinois (Tedrick, 2009).
There is currently no longitudinal, comprehensive literature looking at emergent themes in published works from AAACE, ACE Quarterly, or JAC as a holistic body of knowledge.
From 1987 until 2008 he was a member of the Board of AAAE and AAACE and was Adult Learning Australia's President from 1997-1999, and for most of the balance of his time on the board he was its secretary.
AAACE changed our lives: NPAC and agricultural communication in the 1950s.
Most of those writer-editors in AAACE came to the college offices from backgrounds in commercial print media or from journalism departments at the sponsoring colleges.
For example, in an AAACE article Margaret McKeegan of Michigan State University explained how five students helped in Extension television programming.
As JAC has evolved from its first publication in 1968 as aaace (Carnahan, 2000) to the current peer-reviewed quarterly journal, its peer-review system has paralleled the basic steps identified by Meadows (1998).
The American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations (AAACES) seem to have been organized around the need for cooperation among Morrill colleges and the desire among them to gain further support from the federal government.