AAAFAssociation Aeronautique et Astronautique de France
AAAFAscension Auxiliary Airfield (US Air Force)
AAAFAmerican Academy of Audiology Foundation (Reston, VA)
AAAFAnglo-American Authority File (formerly Library of Congress Name Authority File)
AAAFAmerican Academy of Applied Forensics
AAAFAssociation Against Animal Factories
AAAFAuthentication, Authorization, and Accounting Foreign Server
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The AAAF raises the quality of life of people in Southwest Florida living with autism," said Susan Suarez, Director of Eden Autism Services Florida operations.
Religare Short Term Plan AA+f (Downgraded from 'AAAf'; Under 'Notice of Withdrawal')
When the AR receives an AReq message, it saves the public key [PU.sub.MN], creates an AA-Registration-Request Command (ARR) message, and sends it to the AAAF.
Organiser: AECMA, AAAF (Association A?ronautique et Astronautique de France) and CEAS (Confederation of European Aerospace Societies).
Jesse Jackson attended the meeting, and Fanny Lou Hamer and Roberta Flack, among others, donated time and effort to the Afro-Americans Against the Famine (AAAF) crusade that grew out of the meeting.
The first is the Automatic Annual Adjustment Factor (AAAF), agreed on in the contracts, which increases the federal government's annual per unit subsidies to keep up with any increases in area rents and to provide sufficient funds for adequate maintenance and operation.
*'AAAf' for schemes having maturity of more than one year and 'P1+f' for schemes having maturity of up to one year
Determine whether or not the fimd or pool has been rated; an investment grade of AAAM or AAAF (special rating for mutual funds) by Standard & Poor's, Aaa by Moody's, or AAA (for money markets) and S-1, M-1 or L-1 (for short, medium and long-term bond funds) by Fitch indicates that the fund or pool is of the highest quality in terms of fmancial soundness.
L&T Freedom Income -- Short Term Fund AAAf (Reaffirmed; Placed under 'Notice of Withdrawal')^