AAAHAsia-Pacific Action Alliance on Human Resources for Health
AAAHAmerican Association of Alternative Healers
AAAHAromatic Amino Acid Hydroxylase
AAAHAmerican Association for the Advancement of the Humanities
AAAHAuthentication, Authorization, and Accounting Home Server
AAAHAirbus Approved Abbreviation Handbook
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A has: Aaah, Abortion, Abortion pill, Abstinence, Abusive relationships, Adolescence, Age of consent, AIDS, Alcohol, Anal sex, Androgynous, Anus, Aphrodisiacs, Arousal.
"Aaah," her fingers work their way up and down a braid, "beautiful.
Aaah," she says in frustration, "this always happens to me.
Estee Lauder's new Body Power range has been designed to give your spirit a bit of oomph while giving the skin at bit of aaah.
Dynasties BBC1, 8pm We're expecting the 'aaah' factor to be high this week - Sir David brings us Emperor penguins as they battle for survival against the worst winter in the world, in Antarctica.
However not all problems can be dealt with by being big, sometimes a small friend can be just what is needed and the ending of this story provides just the sort of 'Aaah' factor that we all love.
In what is an Edinburgh Festival Fringe first, as well as performing her own show of poems, rhymes and monologues called Liz Lochhead: apple says aaah & other poems, there is also a show named after her, God Bless Liz Lochhead, starring Juliet Cadzow, which, despite the title, isn't actually all about her.
Buying steady Stephen Gallacher at 28 on the Oooh Aaah, Gallacher special is probably safer.
Wouldn't you miss the tactile feeling of books, the smell (aaah) of a new paperback, the anticipation of opening a new volume and the fact that, once finished, you can give it to someone else to enjoy?
I THINK our babies column on Page 6 this week has that extra special "aaah" factor.
If, like me, you fall into the latter category you'll have spent a good deal of time cooing 'oooh' and 'aaah'.
Even if they are only saying 'aaah, look' or 'what does it feel like?' it is all talking to each other.