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AAALAmerican Academy of Arts And Letters
AAALAmerican Association for Applied Linguistics (Birmingham, AL)
AAALAmerican Academy of Appellate Lawyers (Rockville, MD)
AAALAmerican Alumni Association of Lebanon (est. 1996)
AAALAnkara Ataturk Anadolu Lisesi (High School, Turkey)
AAALActive Array Antenna Lens
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com and distributed to lawyers on both sides of the case being heard, the 60 members of the AAAL, and was also made available to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Eric Magnuson, immediate past president of the AAAL, cites the need for streamlining brief review for judges and lawyers by placing reference materials and exhibits at one's fingertips.
The appellate process is all about information -- conveying to an appellate court the essence of the lower court proceedings in a form that is both manageable enough for the appellate court to quickly get to the heart of the case and detailed enough for the court to delve deeply into the facts of the case before it to ensure that justice is done," said Eric Magnuson, immediate past president of the AAAL.
AAAL is positioned to provide funding and expertise for this type of investment.
By concentrating on those markets with the most potential for investors, AAAL has opened the doors to building its vendor base, which, in turn, will allow for the service of more loan volume.