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AAALAmerican Academy of Arts And Letters
AAALAmerican Association for Applied Linguistics (Birmingham, AL)
AAALAmerican Academy of Appellate Lawyers (Rockville, MD)
AAALAmerican Alumni Association of Lebanon (est. 1996)
AAALAnkara Ataturk Anadolu Lisesi (High School, Turkey)
AAALActive Array Antenna Lens
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Unadjusted overall, age-specific, and age-standardized prevalence with CIs were estimated for arthritis and AAAL by urbanrural categories.
for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) held in Salt Lake City at a joint session of the AAAL and the International Language Testing Assn.
AILA 2005--Having played a prominent role in the planning and organization of AAAL 2003 in Arlington, Virginia, NFLRC staff and board members are currently involved in planning for the AILA 14th World Congress, to be held July 24-29, 2005, in Madison, Wisconsin, the first time that the World Conference of Applied Linguistics will be held in the United States.
ABN AMRO Apartment Lending (AAAL) reported 2002 production of $1.8 billion, with 2,118 units funded.
American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Annual Conference presentation, Stamford, Connecticut.
Paper presented at the AAAL Conference, Chicago, IL.
Applied linguistics, AAAL, and the political scene.
The approval, under House Speaker Ali Abdel Aaal, followed reports submitted by the joint committees of economic affairs, planning and budget as well as African affairs.
adults) have arthritis-attributable activity limitation (AAAL) (1).
TABLE A1 Possible Ratings by Agency Moody S&P Fitch Aaa AAA AAA Aaal AAA- AA+ Aaa2 AA+ AA Aaa3 AA AA- Aa AA- A+ Aal A+ A Aa2 A A- Aa3 A- BBB+ A1 BBB+ BBB A2 BBB BBB- A3 BBB- BB+ Baa BB+ BB Baal BB BB- Baa2 BB- B+ Baa3 B+ B Ba B B- Ba1 B- CCC Ba2 CCC+ CC Ba3 CCC C B ccc- B1 CC+ B2 CC B3 CC- Caa C+ Caa1 C Caa2 Caa3 Ca Ca1 Ca2 Ca3 C C1 C2 C3 TABLE A2 Descriptive Statistics Standard Variable Mean Deviation Min Max Rating 0.888 0.064 0.625 1.000 DebtRev 0.514 0.281 0.138 1.768 Debt/capita ($ 1,000's) 2.589 1.775 0.443 11.113 RGSP/capita ($ 1,000's) 30.345 6.823 17.176 56.959 Unemp(%) 4.769 1.169 2.300 8.300 EF 6.881 0.662 4.895 8.247 EFGOV 7.178 0.934 3.744 8.893 EFTAX 6.522 0.859 4.156 8.818 EFLABOR 6.942 0.722 5.563 8.763 REFERENCES
His misplaced confidence actually grows as he slurs - "ah divvint knaa what aaal the fuss is aboot with Wor lass and Christmas - a'hl have this lot sorted oot before the lads get the last round in."
For the descriptive statistics, the rating is converted as follows: AAA+ = Aaal = 1, AAA = Aaa2 = 2, and so on until D = 28.