AAAQAsociación de Artesanos 'aj Quen' (Association of Craftsmen, Guatemala)
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These elements (known as the 'AAAQ framework') are increasingly recognized to assist in identifying health disparities and inequities, including by disaggregating (and ergo, identifying) the goods, facilities, services and populations that health policy and programs seeking equity should appropriately focus on.
Where the CESCR's General Comment 14 had introduced an AAAQ indicator framework (focused on availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality) for the right to health, (226) General Comment 15 expanded this focus, introducing an approach that also accounts for affordability (as derived from "economic accessibility") under the right to water.
FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, THE AAAQ FRAMEWORK AND THE RIGHT TO WATER: INTERNATIONAL INDICATORS FOR AVAILABILITY, ACCESSIBILITY, ACCEPTABILITY AND QUALITY 20 (2014), (noting that affordability "concerns the cost of accessing water and attention is given to whether the cost of water threatens the realization of other rights").