AAASSAmerican Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (Cambridge, MA)
AAASSAll Assam Adivasi Suraksha Samiti (Indian militant group)
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Macroeconomic Crisis and Transition of Price Structure in Russia," paper presented at the 26th AAASS Conference, Philadelphia, November 19, 1994.
Trends in Foreign Trade of Russia: Volumes, Composition, Geographic Distribution," paper presented at the 26th AAASS Conference, Philadelphia, November 18, 1994.
The AAASS is the leading private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about Russia, Central Eurasia, and Eastern and Central Europe.
After Voucher Privatization: The Structure of Corporate Ownership in Russian Manufacturing Industry," paper presented at the AAASS meetings, Seattle (November).
Development of Financial Markets and Corporate Governance in the Russian Federation," paper presented at AAASS meetings in Seattle, Washington (November).
Few academic books create the kind of visible stir that Know Your Enemy did at the annual meeting of the AAASS.
14) This remark was made to me after a panel on borderlands history at the AAASS annual convention by a senior scholar, whose early career dealt with Russian intellectual history but whose interests shifted a decade or so ago to the southern periphery.
The 1990s membership drop off in the AAASS has been paralleled by the upsurge in membership in a new Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS), which has ballooned to more than a 1,000 members and in 2006 held its seventh annual meeting.
After all, there was even a special session at the AAASS convention in Salt Lake City in 2005 dedicated to having the author "meet his critics"--though the criticism was at best muted, and the praise effusive.
This article was first presented at the 2003 AAASS Conference in Toronto at the panel "Judging the Intelligentsia in Imperial and Soviet Russia" I am grateful to all who participated for their comments and suggestions.
1) A discussion of intercession was held by the panel "In Search of a Humane Bolshevism: The Politics of pokrovitel'stvo in the 1920s" at the AAASS Conference in Toronto in 2003.