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AAAVAdvanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle (US Marine Corps)
AAAVAllgemeiner Arbeitskreis Autonomer Verkehrspsychologen (German: German: Independent Traffic Psychologists Association; Austria)
AAAVAssociation of African American Vintners
AAAVAvian Adeno-Associated Virus
AAAVAmateur Astronomers Association of Vadodara (India)
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The steering deflector is used on the AAAV to steer the direction of the water jet (and therefore the vehicle) under 10,000 psi of thrust.
For example, the CompactPCI based C4I system architecture developed under the AAAV program could be installed into a SprayCool enclosure intended for a tactical aircraft or used in ground station applications.
A key system for expeditionary maneuver warfare is the new AAAV, now scheduled to enter service in 2008 and be fully deployed by 2018.
Low rate initial production is scheduled to begin in 2004, followed by full rate production of the AAAV in 2006.
But it's a misstatement to say that after 2006, all out money is going to the AAAV.
The new ships--unlike today's logistics vessels--would have flight decks long enough for strategic air transports, as well as MV-22s and Joint Strike Fighters, and ramps for AAAVs and LCACs, enabling them to keep MEUs supplied almost indefinitely.
As leader of the AAAV program, Bolon implemented an innovative Integrated Process and Product Development organization that received the Department of Defense David E.
Clayton Nans, program manager for the AAAV, said that the plan is to evaluate nine prototypes until 2006, when the Corps is scheduled to begin funding the production of up to 1,013 vehicles through 2017.
The third prototype was been completed this fall at the AAAV Technology Center, a 62,000-square-foot facility in Woodbridge, Va.
The AAAV is designed to be launched from a ship over the horizon to seize inland objectives.
The Company anticipates that it will generate sales of approximately $100 Million during the AAAV production phase over a five year period commencing about 2005.
The AAAV engine will be rated at 2600 horsepower for marine propulsion and approximately 865 horsepower for land operation.