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AAAVAdvanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle (US Marine Corps)
AAAVAllgemeiner Arbeitskreis Autonomer Verkehrspsychologen (German: German: Independent Traffic Psychologists Association; Austria)
AAAVAssociation of African American Vintners
AAAVAvian Adeno-Associated Virus
AAAVAmateur Astronomers Association of Vadodara (India)
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DNA fragments of 1734 bp (VP2 gene) recovered from the pCR 2.1 plasmid after restriction enzyme digestion were cloned in a plasmid construct named p3.6 ITR-MCS containing the internal terminal repeats (ITR) of the AAAV [8].
The steering deflector is used on the AAAV to steer the direction of the water jet (and therefore the vehicle) under 10,000 psi of thrust.
The Electronic Warfare Integrated System for Small Platforms (EWISSP) program will explore a number of technologies for potential integration aboard these LCAC and AAAV amphibians to protect them against missiles and other munitions employing radio-frequency (RF) and electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensors for acquisition, surveillance, targeting, and tracking.
A water-jet-propelled vessel such as the AAAV takes in water through inlets in the hull, feeds it into pumps, and expels the water at high speed through nozzles at the rear of the vessel.
Delivery of the AAAV will begin in 2006, and by the year 2014 the Marine Corps will have completely phased in the 1,013 AAAVs currently scheduled for production.
A key system for expeditionary maneuver warfare is the new AAAV, now scheduled to enter service in 2008 and be fully deployed by 2018.
"Our number one ground priority is in fact the AAAV," he said in an interview with Washington D.C.
Nans said that the 37-ton AAAV has the latest technologies available today for ground-combat vehicles.
In July, the Corps awarded General Dynamics Land Systems a $712 million contract to complete the design and development of the AAAV, build and test nine new prototypes and refurbish three early prototypes.
Northrop Grumman's Avondale Operations, in New Orleans, is building the first of a new class of 12 amphibious assault ships, San Antonio (LPD-17) to replace ships such as the Shreveport They are designed from the keel up to accommodate various Marine vehicles, including the AAAV, MV-22 and LCAC.
If the Marines don't start buying the trucks soon, the ITV dollars could end up migrating to the Corps' biggest vehicle acquisition program, the advanced amphibious assault platform called the AAAV. "We have to start buying out commodities," said Feigley, "before the 800-pound gorilla, the AAAV, starts showing up, and we won't be able to buy anything."
The arrival of the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAAV) will mean more to the Marine Corps than simply the acquisition of a faster amphibious tractor.