AAAWArtists Against AIDS Worldwide (since 2001)
AAAWArtists Against AIDS Worldwide
AAAWAsian Adult Adoptees of Washington
AAAWAllgemeiner Aufsperr- & Absicherungsdienst Weninger
AAAWAffirmative Action Association for Women
AAAWAteneo Alumni Association of Washington
AAAWAll Asia Athlete Women
AAAWAmerican Association for the Advancement of Women
AAAWAdvanced Asset Allocation Workshop
AAAWAdvanced Airborne Anti-armor Weapon
AAAWAsian American Awareness Week
AAAWAnti Aircraft Automatic Weapon
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The Advanced Air-launched Anti-Armour Weapon (AAAW) is capable of guiding itself to the target after launch.
Glenn (812) 476-1870 186th Gen Hosp (WWII): Bob Glenn (812) 476-1870 281st Engr Combat Bn Assn: Albert Cline (864) 489-6528 3rd Inf Div (Anzio Vets of WWII): Alfred Schultz (816) 233-4890 43rd Inf Div, 169th Inf Rgt, Co G: Bob Story (804) 598-4762 43rd Inf Div Vets Assn: Al Lendzian (727) 856-8568 75th CA (AA) Btry F (1940-44): Hershel Hensley (217) 356-9383 822nd AAAW Bn: Bud Belstra (800) 276-2789 97th Inf Div, 386th Inf Rgt, Co M: Richard Lawson (352) 683-3362 Camp Fannin Assn: Tommy B.
FIREFIGHTERS carried out a Halloween rescue with the "aaaw" factor.
Despite the collapse of AAAW happening over three years ago, the full findings of an independent investigation into what happened have yet to be publicly released, with Rossendale's leaders citing ongoing police investigations as a reason for not doing so.
4 N.B - 10 THINGS TO MAKE A NOTE OF THIS WEEK Wonderful, wearable, wow and weird things to get you through the week 12 OUR COVER STAR PETER ANDRE The nicest man in showbiz talks fame, fatherhood, and finding happiness (aaaw)16 REAL LIFE STORY One man's story of domestic abuse at the hands of his wife 19 WELLBEING Life coach Tracy reminds us to be mindful of our physical and mental health 20 PHOTO SCRAPBOOK Actress Sally Lindsay talks Peter Kay, Corrie and those Loose Women 25 STYLE EDIT Get squares pegged with this gorgeous checked coat 26 GROOMED & DOOMED Celebs are rocking checks too (it's a thing now), but whose style needs to be kept in check?
Aaaw - and I really wanted to buy him a pint in the Springbok..
Aaaw! Matt wrote: "Did not think I could miss a certain someone this much!
In fact, I'm only writing it down now so that they can one day go through a folder of all my old columns (yes, I'm that sad), read this and think: "Aaaw, she wasn't that bad after all - maybe we didn't need those 10 years of therapy."
AAAW, those celebs are like us really...if you don't count money, fame, entourages and the ludicrous names they give their unsuspecting offspring.