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AABAAsociacion de Abogados de Buenos Aires
AABAAsian American Bar Association
AABAAssociate of Arts in Business Administration (various schools)
AABAAmerican Anorexia/Bulimia Association
AABAAtlantic Avenue Betterment Association (Brooklyn, NY)
AABAAssociation for Accountancy and Business Affairs (UK)
AABAAsian American Business Association
AABAAdams Avenue Business Association
AABAApple Authorized Business Agent
AABAAll American Basketball Alliance
AABAAnne Arundel Bar Association (Annapolis, MD)
AABAAlaska Attachment and Bonding Associates
AABAAll-Africa Businesswomen Association
AABAAirport Area Business Association
AABAAustralasian Alpaca Breeders Association (Wollongong University, NSW, Australia)
AABAArizona Avian Breeders Association
AABAAtlanta Area Biomedical Association
AABAAfrican and American Business Alliance
AABAAmarillo Area Bar Association (Texas)
AABAAlberta Amateur Boxing Association (Canada)
AABAAnne Arundel Beekeepers Association (Millersville, MD)
AABAAltoona Area Baseball Association (Altoona, PA)
AABAAnoka Area Baseball Association (now Anoka Ramsey Athletic Association; Minnesota)
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1955-1964 AABA (47%) AAA (16%) Other (11%) VC (27%) 1965-9 AABA (41%) AAA (17%) VC (42%) 1970-9 VC (73%) AABA (19%) AAA (6%) Other (3%) 1980-9 VC (84%) AABA (10%) AAA (4%) Other (3%) Note: Table made from pie chart.
The AABA and AANF will be powered by engines with cubic capacities between 150 - 160cc.
Nye has been on the AABA list twice before: with an honorable mention for her collection of poetry, Transfer , in 2012, and as the winner of the children and young-adult prize for her Honeybee in 2009.
Las recientes iniciativas de la AABA (2007) y la AAPRA (2010) de dictar sus respectivos principios de etica denotan la preocupacion por el tema y la necesidad de fijar un posicionamiento al respecto.
Respecto a la forma de cancion popular, el blues dista mucho de las formas AABA de treinta y dos compases o de las formas por secciones puesto que se articula sobre una forma ternaria de tres frases AAB dispuestas en una estructura de doce compases.
Richard Hatcher On behalf of AABA Edgbaston Birmingham
This has an easily learned AABA pentatonic melodic structure, with a repeated five-note A section and a B section almost entirely on one note (the tonic), which is a considerable distance from the shapely minor melody of 'A Charming Country Life'.
Larry Hobbs said "the agreement will add value to all members within AABA, ISBT, ABA and IFT in terms of Education, Business and commercial, Technology, and networking which in return will accredit the education program, continuing education programs, workshops, and seminars, and also add value to recruit members for the mentioned organisations.
A structural pattern frequently found in songs used for jazz is the AABA form.
One prospective AABA multiple baseline measure study also demonstrated significant improvement in attention span and memory with methylphenidate in the subacute phase of recovery from various causes of acquired brain injury [57].
conformed in their structure (utilizing the AABA form) and their
aqui) Tonos ABB kaima lagarto Tonos AABA totomboti pajaro carpintero Tonos AABBA sesegogose clase de pajaro