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AABBAmerican Association of Blood Banks (now known simply as AABB)
AABBAxis-Aligned Bounding Box (computer graphics)
AABBAssociação Atlética Banco do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
AABBAll About the Backstreet Boys
AABBAlcoholics Anonymous Big Book (alcohol addiction recovery essays)
AABBArizona Association of Business Brokers, Inc.
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AABB does a great job in creating timely resources and tools that are directly applicable to a member's work and organization.
15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Government of Ghana has endorsed a project proposed through the collaboration of AABB, Global Blood Fund (GBF) and Terumo BCT to respond to the emerging Ebola crisis within West Africa, as well as provide long-term health system capacity to the citizens of Ghana.
Prior to its AABB accreditation, Harrington Hospital received transfusion service accreditation from the College of American Pathologists.
Health Street's DNA tests are analyzed in a lab certified by the AABB as well as the New York State Department of Health, Rosenthal said.
CordLife Singapore is the only AABB accredited bank in South and Southeast Asia, and is recognized for its efforts in promoting the highest quality in cord blood banking, enhancing the application of cord blood for stem cell transplants.
The researchers then trained 11 adult starlings to peck a key when they heard the more-complex recursive, or AABB type, string of sounds.
Of the 399 who responded, only 36% reported being aware that bacterial contamination of platelets was one of the most common infection risks of transfusion therapy, and only 20% indicated having been familiar with the new AABB standard prior to participating in the survey.
Although the use of pH tests are an option under the AABB standard, they are less sensitive than are culture-based methods in whole-blood-derived samples, which are pooled from multiple donors.
Initially unsure of the viability of an online career center, AABB staff analyzed what they knew about their members and the blood banking industry.
The final three quatrains, tetrameter lines rhyming AABB, depart from the previous five quatrains in dimeters and tetrameters.
When the AABB read the survey results, Lipton said, some members "roughly calculated" the odds of a person mistakenly, receiving a transfusion of HIV-infected blood.
This is your tool for preparing and maintaining accreditation with AABB, CAP and The Joint Commission.