AABBAAfrican American/Black Business Association
AABBAAnchorage Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association (Anchorage, AK)
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The quintillas in Los hermanos amantes, y piedad por fuerza are unusual for four reasons: 1) their high percentage compared to the authentic plays (13.7%), which range from 0% to 8.2%; 2) the presence of eighty-five lines of Type 2 quintillas (abbab), absent from the authentic plays; 3) the presence of sixty-five lines of Type 3 quintillas (abaab), used in only one authentic play (a single quintilla in Las defensora de la reina de Hungria, which, as I explain below, is suspect); and 4) the presence of pie quebrado in two passages of Type 5 quintillas (aabba) in Act ii.
Of the nine quintillas in this play, seven are Type 5 (aabba), which is at variance with Enriquez's usage.
So by the seventeenth century all sorts and conditions of poems, from love lyrics to drinking songs, were being written in a stanza form rhyming aabba or xabba or similar, the third and fourth lines shorter than the rest, in various mixtures of disyllabic and trisyllabic metres.
In the build-up to this year's Liverpool Comedy Festival, which takes place between May 28 and June 8, we are running a competition to celebrate the funny five-line poem (with the AABBA rhyming form).
1678), AABBA (Lebanon), CONTRA-ACCOUNTS, MAADD al Ghaziyat (wadi in Jordan), NAAEE (stream in Canada), SAAFF (save), ULTRA-AGGRESSIVE (web2), Aaglet el AAGGAIA (well in W.
If c stands for the refrain, the rhyme scheme of a rondeau is aabba aabc aabbac.
Tarnol police arrested accused Manzar Aabbas and recovered 40 liter wine from him.
Banigala police arrested four accused under section 144 while Karachi Company police arrested Aabbas and Rizwan for having 140 gram hashish and one 32 bore revolver respectively.
Directed by Ali Aabbas Zafar, the movie also featured Anushka Sharma.
Militant Palestinian factions have lashed out at Aabbas' bids to reach a
Golra police arrested Aabbas, Abid and recovered 200 gram hashish and 150 gram heroin from their possession.
Munir Ahmad Inspector of CID Police during interrogation a case FIR No 264/11 recovered one pistol and one dagger on pointation of arrested accused namely Amjid Nawaz and Nadeem Aabbas. Muhammad Ishaiq ASI PS Sabzi Mandi during patrolling arrested on accuses namely Faqar Muhammad and recovered one 30 bore pistol from him.