AABBSAmateur Action Bulletin Board System (California)
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All nodes of the point cloud binary trees are enveloped with AABB, and then the AABB tree of the model is obtained.
Collision detection between forests can be achieved by traversing the AABB trees which are from the two respective forests.
If there is still no intersection when the two AABB trees are traversed to the leaf nodes, then the objects which the two AABB trees represent are unintersected.
End velocity, end acceleration, the collision interference of manipulator, and the environment obstacles are chosen as the constraints of the planner, where the velocity and acceleration constraints are guaranteed by the path planning algorithm; obstacle avoidance constraints are calculated by applying AABB algorithm to each configuration of path planning result.
A collision modeling method based on point cloud model is proposed in this paper and is applied to the AABB algorithm for collision detection.
(163.) Initial access to the Thomases' AABBS site without an issued password would, in fact, allow for the viewing of brief sexually-explicit descriptions of the available computer files and video clips that could be accessed via the Thomases' business.
Additionally, they compared hierarchical representation based on sphere trees, AABB trees, and OBB tree.
An AABB is an enclosing axis-aligned rectangle that covers the polyhedron.
A proposal was developed to accelerate the overlapping test between AABB's.
A DOP is a generalized AABB. A DOP is a convex polytope containing the object, constructed by taking a number k of appropriately oriented planes at infinity and bringing it closer to the object until they collide.
(2010), the authors combined voxelization and Overlapping AABB (OAABB) construction.
To develop the experiment we use the next set of recognized libraries for collision detection: PQP and RAPID use hierarchical OBB trees (Larsen et al., 1999; Gottschalk et al., 1996), whereas SOLID uses hierarchical AABB trees (Van den Bergen, 1997).