AABCAmerican Association of Birth Centers (Perkiomenville, PA)
AABCAssociated Air Balance Council
AABCAmerican Amateur Baseball Congress
AABCArchives Association of British Columbia
AABCAccrediting Association of Bible Colleges
AABCAbove and Beyond Cleaning, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
AABCAarhus Business College (Aahus, Denmark)
AABCArthur Andersen Business Consulting
AABCArchitect Accredited in Building Conservation (UK)
AABCAustralian Associated Bonsai Clubs
AABCAdaptive Absorbing Boundary Condition
AABCArkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control
AABCAustro American Bridge Club
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In accordance with the method of construction of a tangent to a circle through a point on the circle, we construct tangents to the circle at the three vertices of the triangle AABC, as shown on figure 9.
On the mechanical side the opposition letters had a common theme that these proposals would limit many qualified personnel from performing these tests simply because they were not certified by NEBB, AABC or TABB.
Una de las herramientas mas utilizadas para favorecer el desarrollo de la autorregulacion en AABC es el uso de andamiajes.
In terms of funding, the United Way of Central Alabama (UWCA) requested and received on behalf of AABC over $600,000 in grants from the Department of Health and Human Services through the Assets for Independence Act.
The main focus of AABC is to support and develop Business Crime Partnerships in local areas, and ensure that there are firm links between business, crime and disorder reduction partnerships, police and other relevant local and regional agencies.
This opportunity is beneficial to students and to agencies that provide tuition assistance because they may save up to $3,850 for course credits earned through AABC.
Nine out of 12 primates belonging to the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA) attended the AABC.
Around 160 fans had turned up to see some of Aberdeen's best young boxers lose 6-4 to a select team from Dundee, Glenrothes and Kinross Yesterday, Adam Smith, of the AABC, said the boxing match had ended before all hell broke loose around 1am.
Communication Patterns in the Application Kernels Communication Pattern 1D 2D Stencil wave-1d ellip-2d [ILLUSTRATION [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] OMITTED] step4 [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Gather pic-simple Scatter qptransport Scatter qmc w/combine Reduction qptransport ellip-2d ks-spectral md qmc rp Broadcast ellip-2d,md n-body,rp AABC md, n-body Butterfly (FFT) wave-1d pic-simple ks-spectral Scan qptransport qmc Cyclic shift wave-1d ellip-2d n-body step4 Sort pic-gather-scatter qptransport Communication Pattern 3D (4,5,6,7)-D Stencil rp, diff-3d [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Gather fem-3d pic-gather-scatter Scatter pic-gather-scatter mdcell Scatter fem-3d w/combine pic-gather-scatter Reduction Broadcast qmc AABC Butterfly (FFT) Scan pic-gather-scatter Cyclic shift boson mdcell rp qcd-kernel Sort
6 liters along with lightweight and plenty of cargo space measuring 432 litres to combine driving comfort and savings for all groups, AABC said.