AABDAid to the Aged, Blind, and Disabled
AABDAmerican Association of Bank Directors
AABDAfrican American Biographical Database
AABDAfrican American Business Directory
AABDAmerican Association of Deaf-Blind
AABDAlumni Association Board of Directors (St. John's College; Annapolis, MD)
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In fact, David Baris, executive director of the AABD reflected, "There is a certain irony to this.
AABD Survey Results on Measuring Bank Director Fear of Personal Liability Are Not Good News, Am.
Though Congress eventually replaced AABD with the federal Supplemental Security Income Program, other important programs, including Medicaid and AFDC, shared the same structure of joint federal-state funding with state administration in accordance with federal law.
According to the company, AABD is a valuable resource for African-American studies and genealogical research.