AABFAfrica-Asia Business Forum (UN)
AABFAnn Arbor Book Festival (Michigan)
AABFAvusturya Alevi Birlikleri Federasyonu (Turkish: Federation of Alevite Unions in Austria)
AABFAlbuquerque Antiquarian Book Fair (New Mexico)
AABFAssembly Area Blocking Force (NATO C3 Technical Architecture)
AABFAfferent Arteriole Blood Flow
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The AABF program is designed to foster mutual understanding and respect between Arab and American societies.
We are delighted to sponsor the AABF program, which will allow young Arabs and Americans to gain insights into the rich, diverse and evolving business environment and culture of the United States and the Arab world.
Through the AABF program, 9 young American professionals will also have a similar opportunity to experience the Arab business and cultural environment.
This makes a rough total of sixteen, not counting those that are not listed by the AABF or are still classified as Bible schools rather than theological colleges or seminaries.
It also avoids the partnership issues raised by national conventions/unions (from the AABF Durban Resolution of 1998).
A statement released by the AABF accuses Erdoy-an of being against Kurds and Alawites and of carrying out genocide and being a dictator in the Middle East.