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AABLAdvocates for Abused and Battered Lesbians
AABLAfrican American Business Link (web publishing services)
AABLAdvanced Atmospheric Burst Locator
AABLAuxiliary Automatic Bootstrap Loader
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The United States and Canada each contributed four teams to the AABL.
AABL games now drew well among Allied troops and curious civilians.
As the AABL began its season, the military situation on the western front deteriorated.
The King was naturally intrigued when an AABL ballgame between the Army and Navy headquarters teams was added to the Independence Day schedule.
On July 4, the Army was 7-0 and perched atop the AABL.
Entering the holiday, Navy was 3-4 and in sixth place in the AABL.
Walter Arlington Latham was an AABL officer, its chief umpire, and the league's moving spirit.