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AABMAggregate Abundance Based Management (Pacific Salmon Commission)
AABMAssociation of American Battery Manufacturers
AABMAirborne Anti-Ballistic Missile
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He also highly commended the research capability of NCKU's AABM Team, especially on the rapid isolation of indigenous DHA producing microalgae "BL 10" and associative research development on DHA production.
In addition, The AABM Team has won the Best Poster Award with topic "Isolation and characterization of Taiwanese Thraustochytrid species: screening of strains for docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) production" in the conference of Aquaculture Europe, September, 2008.
The AABM Team was awarded with a gold medal for their work called "Aquaculturized Aurofac" and a bronze medal for their project on "Production of Polyunsaturated Acids by Using Microalgae.