AABTAssociation for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy
AABTAsian American Bank and Trust Co.
AABTRenal Transport of Beta-Amino Acids
AABTAachen Aphasia Bedside Test
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AABT's all-accessible individual or group tours will take visitors, their families, and friends directly to historical hot spots while moving at their own pace.
Founded by local Civil War historian and documentary film producer Michael Aubrecht, AABT is reportedly the area's only tour service specifically catering to wheelchair travelers.
These are behavior therapy, applied behavior analysis, and the development of the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy (AABT).
AABT is the dominant professional/scientific organization to which behavior therapists belong and, with its journal, Behavior Therapy, is the primary voice of behavior therapy.
Opportunities to increase awareness throughout Pennsylvania of the existence and purpose of Penn ABA that were suggested included: a) Behavior Analysis Today--a newsletter representing the Behavior Analysis SIG at AABT, the Clinical Behavior Analysis SIG at ABA, and Pennsylvania-Certified Behavior Analysts is available online at www.behavior.org then click on "News"
This is reflected in the fact that the organization in the United States that most represents this field--the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy (AABT)--added a byline to the name of its journal, Behavior Therapy, adding "An International Journal Devoted to the Application of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences to Clinical Problems." The critical word here is "cognitive," and the byline was intended to reflect the existing fact that the journal "publishes articles from widely discrepant conceptual and diverse methodologial viewpoints" (Craighead, 1990, p.
He has also served as an AABT Convention Chair, and is currently finishing his three-year term as Member-at-Large on the Board of Directors.
These are the basic tenets and practices of AABT provided by an international organization historically able to capture a homelike quality for its members in a time when other organizations feel impersonal.
The Behavior Therapist has the current issue of the nomination ballot from AABT. I am requesting that you might take a minute from your busy schedule to nominate me for President.
You can count on my ear to the SIG in running for and, hopefully, serving as President of AABT. Please contact me at jlutzker@earthhnk.com if you have any questions.
The first newsletter is for the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy (AABT).
After all, with the help of my friend, Craig Allen Thomas, (cthomas@tclc.com), we succeeded in getting together a list serve for the child behavior therapy SIG (AABT).