AACCHAmerican Association of Cereal Chemists
AACCHAuxiliary Analog Control Channel
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AACCH & AACC scaffolds (2x2x1 cm) were placed individually in 6 well culture plates (Tarson, India) and ETO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilized.
Figure 2 illustrates the FT-IR spectral details of AA, chitosan, collagen, AACCH and AACC.
Moreover the young's modulus of AACCH and AACC were 75.
Thermo gravimetric analysis for the experimental samples AA, chitosan, type-I collagen, AACCH, AACC, GACCH and GACC were illustrated in Figure 3 a and 3b and the corresponding thermal degradation values were displayed in Table 3.
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) studies were performed to understand the behavior of AACCH and AACC on application of thermal energy.
Compared with the native chitosan and type-I collagen, AACCH & AACC showed no significant differences in absorbance (Figure 6), that is the biopolymers being in direct contact with fibroblast did not lead to apoptosis or necrosis.