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AACFAsian American Christian Fellowship
AACFAsia Africa Culture Foundation
AACFAnimal Crossing: City Folk (game)
AACFAccounting Academicians Collaboration Foundation (Istanbul, Turkey)
AACFAperiodic Auto-Correlation Function
AACFArab American Community Forum
AACFApplication Analysis Content Form (ISDN)
AACFAaroe Associates Charitable Foundation
AACFAdvanced Aircraft Concept Formulation
AACFAdopt A Child Foundation
AACFAreal Autocorrelation Function (surface texture)
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Over the next five years, Pearl Capital Partners (PCP), a specialised African agricultural investment fund manager based in Kampala, Uganda, will invest the AACF's $25 million in at least 20 agriculture-related businesses in East Africa, infusing equity and expertise into a sector that has suffered from under-investment, and paving the way for raising the productivity and incomes of at least a quarter of a million households.
Open days will be held at the AACF centre at the airport's Shackleton House in the summer.
The AACF is being held after the initiative of Al-Sisi during his participation in the African summit.
AR-GLR is working with AACF and ForwARd Arkansas to increase funding for ABC to maintain and expand this quality early childhood education opportunity.
Chronic Absence Report: In October 2016, AR-GLR and AACF released a report, Make Every Day Count: Reducing Chronic Absence in Arkansas Schools, which analyzes chronic absence data in the state and recommends strategies and state policy to address the issue.
In his speech at the inaugural session of the African Anti-Corruption Forum (AACF) that is being held in the Red Sea city of Sharm El-Sheikh, Saif added that corruption is considered to be Africa's main challenge at the mean time, which hinders the African governments' efforts for development.
"The two organizations combined bring a unique blend of state-level policy work, coupled with local efforts in communities and school districts," says Ginny Blankenship, Education Policy Director for AACF. "One of our major accomplishments has been raising awareness around the importance of grade-level reading and then elevating that issue among state policymakers."
President Sisi attends the inaugural session of the African Anti-Corruption Forum (AACF) held in the Red Sea resort city of Sharm El Sheikh - Press photo CAIRO -- 12 June 2019: Sherif Seif al-Din, chairman of the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) -- Egypt's accountability agency-- said that corruption "represents a huge challenge to the development and stability efforts in Africa." This comes on Wednesday during the inaugural session of the African Anti-Corruption Forum (AACF) held in the Red Sea resort city of Sharm El Sheikh, in the presence of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and heads of regulatory bodies of the African states.
Edwards works to ensure children in Arkansas have an equal voice, a mission AACF has championed for 40 years.
"The majority of people who would benefit from a minimum wage increase are not teenagers working part time to earn extra spending money in their free time," Eleanor Wheeler, the senior policy analyst for AACF, wrote in a January report.
But a 2005 report published in the Journal of Public Economies and cited by AACF found that "the introduction of a state lottery is associated with an average decline of $46 per month, or 2.4 percent, in household non-gambling expenditures." Low-income families "experience statistically significant declines in expenditures on food and on rent, mortgage, and other bills."
In Arkansas, workers often owe more than they own and 14 percent have zero to negative net worth, the AACF report said.