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AACFAsian American Christian Fellowship
AACFAnimal Crossing: City Folk (game)
AACFAccounting Academicians Collaboration Foundation (Istanbul, Turkey)
AACFAperiodic Auto-Correlation Function
AACFArab American Community Forum
AACFApplication Analysis Content Form (ISDN)
AACFAaroe Associates Charitable Foundation
AACFAdvanced Aircraft Concept Formulation
AACFAdopt A Child Foundation
AACFAreal Autocorrelation Function (surface texture)
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We are optimistic that the success of AACF and the individual businesses within its portfolio will encourage additional capital investment in enterprises employing, purchasing from and providing inputs and services to smallholders.
Rich Huddleston, executive director for AACF, said raising the minimum wage also would benefit businesses by lowering employee turnover and improving productivity.
Most research on the effects of increases in minimum wage finds that the change in jobs after a minimum wage increase is either zero of very close to zero," said Wheeler of the AACF in her report.
To date, the AACF has raised more than $18 million for its charities.
AACF thinks the state could make some $50 million more if it closed loopholes in its corporate tax code.
1 million, AACF has a mission of protecting and promoting the rights and well-being of Arkansas children and their families.
AACF has honed in on three primary areas: early childhood education for families earning up to 200 percent of the poverty level; availability of health care in a state where "Medicaid may by default become a universal carrier for children"; and fair taxation, an issue where "families have typically not had a voice.
And she was on the AACF staff for eight years before that.
Thank goodness organizations like AACF and programs like ARKids First are looking out for the future generations of Arkansas as well.
AACF has published a series of papers called "Paychecks and Politics" on the state's economy, including sales tax exemptions.