AACGAcute Angle Closure Glaucoma
AACGAmerican Association for Crystal Growth (est. 1966; Warren, NJ)
AACGArt Alliance for Contemporary Glass
AACGArrival Airfield Control Group
AACGAdvanced Analytical Consulting Group (Wayland, MA)
AACGApplied Alloy Chemistry Group (magnetic material development; University of Birmingham; England, UK)
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5 Studies have shown that a single AACG attack has been associated with permanent retinal nerve fiber layer loss visual field defects and optic disc pallor.
Sympathomimetic drugs including epinephrine norepinephrine dopamine phenylephrine and ephedrine are widely used in the ICU and are reported to cause AACG in several case reports.
Identifying patients at risk of AACG is important, as they will need to have a peripheral iridotomy in order to open a communication channel for aqueous flow from the posterior chamber into the anterior chamber.
All AACG experts can be reached through any of AACG's corporate locations.
Founded by former Senior Managers and national leadership of the Economics and Statistical Consulting Group of Deloitte's Financial Advisory Services in 2009, AACG provides economic, statistical and computing consulting for business decisions and litigation.
Stan Panis, AACG Principal and co-author of the research commented: "There was no evidence of companies at risk of insolvency gambling with health expenses.
Our Pricing and Profitability Optimization techniques are powerful tools that transform our clients' data into insights into where additional profits can be obtained," said AACG National Managing Director, Dr.
Meryl possesses a unique combination of analytical insight and practical skills drawn from her extensive business experience, which she uses to create incisive solutions to complex problem," says AACG founder Dr.
Our pricing product combines a client's internal sales data with competitive insights to create a data-driven decision engine that maximizes profitability through optimal pricing and lowered costs," said AACG founder Dr.
We continue to develop new products, such as Scientific Fraud Detection and Pricing and Profitability Optimization, to address critical challenges our clients face as our economy moves from the Information Age to the Analysis Age," says AACG founder Dr.
AACG now offers customized, rigorous statistical tests that help identify fraudulent behavior, including behavior related to trade allocation, portfolio pumping, front running and late trading.
Other AACG affiliates include Atlantic American Equity Group, Atlantic American Capital Partners, Atlantic American Realty Group and Atlantic American Realty Capital Advisors.