AACJCAmerican Association of Community and Junior Colleges
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Gillett-Karum, R and Roueche, S and Roueche, J (1991) Underpresentation and the question of diversity the Community College Press AACJC: Washington, D.C.p.
In addition, AACJC is working to support and stimulate additional model projects, and the Center for Occupational Research and Development in Waco, Texas, hosts Tech Prep conferences at which attendees can share their experiences.
Like the voice of BIL, potential students (a very large percentage of them being adults) showed interest in curricula that would provide for the "now." Much of their message to the community college can be translated "Give us what it takes to get a job" rather than "Liberate us with general, liberating education and lifelong learning skills." In response, 1980's slogans of the AACJC encouraged the potential students' voice (Long, 1989, p.