AACLAlbanian American Civic League
AACLAlberta Association for Community Living (Canada)
AACLAnytime/Anywhere Content Lab (University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts Entertainment Technology Center)
AACLAmerican Association for Corpus Linguistics (various locations)
AACLAnimal Anti-Cruelty League (South Africa)
AACLAlberta Association of College Librarians (Alberta, Canada)
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The acquisition of AACL positions Intertek to meet the growing testing, analytics and certification needs of companies producing, manufacturing and distributing food and functional food products.
Intertek's acquisition of AACL broadens our extensive capabilities, including quality, risk and safety assessments, commodity testing and analytics, inspections, auditing and certification," said Jochen Zoller, president of Intertek Food Services.
Politically protected, that is, by the AACL and, unfortunately, by Congressman Rohrabacher.
The AACL has already begun to examine and showcase a wide array of new products.
Think of a lab designed to bring together a next-generation consumer with a movie studio decision maker and a Silicon Valley tech executive-all in one place and all talking about what content will be most viewed, where and how-that is the AACL," explains Wertheimer.
The AACL will showcase a wide spectrum of leading edge products, services and technologies in action.
RevGenetics currently provides the only 1000mg herbal resveratrol capsule on the market verified by AACL of Illinois for purity and safety, as well as BIOMOL International for SIRT1 gene activation.