AACLAlbanian American Civic League
AACLAlberta Association for Community Living (Canada)
AACLAnytime/Anywhere Content Lab (University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts Entertainment Technology Center)
AACLAmerican Association for Corpus Linguistics (various locations)
AACLAnimal Anti-Cruelty League (South Africa)
AACLAlberta Association of College Librarians (Alberta, Canada)
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On October 30, 2018, FLY had drawn USD 43.9 million under a term loan facility with certain lenders to finance the acquisition of seven engines on operating leases to AirAsia and its affiliated airlines from AACL.
On June 15, 2018, FLY entered into a $574.5 million term loan facility with a consortium of lenders to partially finance the acquisition of 30 Airbus A320 aircraft from AACL. As of August 23, 2018, FLY has drawn down $213.4 million under the facility in conjunction with the aircraft transferred from AACL as described above.
The president mentioned she spoke in front of more than 200 new recruits at AACL, which specializes in the maintenance and repair of military and civil aircraft, and that AIDC had also reported hiring 700 engineers thanks to the expansion of its businesses.
The dynamic water absorption data of all six samples, namely MB1, MB2, CAI, CA2, AAcl, and AAc2 were analyzed using the following power-law, given by Peppas (25):
"Intertek's acquisition of AACL broadens our extensive capabilities, including quality, risk and safety assessments, commodity testing and analytics, inspections, auditing and certification," said Jochen Zoller, president of Intertek Food Services.
Rohrabacher, AACL President (and former Congressman) Joseph J.
They're the worst elements of society that you can imagine, and now, according to my sources in drug enforcement, they're politically protected." Politically protected, that is, by the AACL and, unfortunately, by Congressman Rohrabacher.
AirAsiaBerhads aircraft leasing unit Asia Aviation Capital Ltd (AACL) has hired Simon Perkins as its Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.
Simon is a welcome addition to the AACL top management roster, with his solid accounting background and thorough knowledge of aircraft transactions.
Micu, "The characterization of the main habitat types populated by the Black Sea Turbot in its different stages of development," AACL Bioflux, vol.
London-based quality and safety solutions provider Intertek (LON:ITRK) announced today the acquisition of testing, analytics and research firm American Analytical Chemistry Laboratories (AACL) for an undisclosed sum.
The chlorination by HOCl at the [alpha]-amino group results in transient amino acid chloramines (AACLs), which are known to induce further reactions more selectively than free HOCl.