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AACMAssociation of American Medical Colleges
AACMAli Akbar College of Music (Indian music; San Rafael, CA)
AACMAfrican American Consumer Market (sector)
AACMAssociation for Advancement of Creative Musicians
AACMAustralians against Constitutional Monarchy
AACMOffice of Affirmative Action, Compliance and Monitoring (Michigan State University; East Lansing, MI)
AACMAverage Absolute Control Movement
AACMAustralian Association of Computational Mechanics (University of New South Wales, Australia)
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La metodologia utilizada para estimar los parametros del modelo corresponde al siguiente procedimiento propuesto por AACM, el cual es similar al estimador en tres etapas de Adrian et al.
This ensemble operated well outside the jazz mainstream, and was clearly aligned with the progressive, self-determined, Afro-Centric ideology of groups such as the AACM.
Just as the AACM has worked for decades to imagine open-ended possibilities in musical performance as they stare down the material contingencies to which that expression relates, Fischlin, Heble, and Lipsitz bring a similarly ambitious idealism to their collaborative monograph.
George Lewis, originally a jazz trombonist, is a long-standing member of AACM and the dialogue between his friends and colleagues simply using forenames proved an irritant: a key scene was undoubtedly between Muhal Richard Abrams and Kelan Phil Cohran and I identified a few others, but I had a sense of being on the outside, not knowing many people at a party.
The AACM and AfriCOBRA, in dialogue and friction, exemplify the African American avant-garde strains that "The Freedom Principle" employs as its conceptual motor.
critical importance for AACM," said Nasser Al Blooshi, director, IT Planning
the AACM collective shared many things in common: a penchant for
Two sessions engaged elements of the host city's rich musical heritage; the plenary session, "Music in Chicago" featured papers on Jazz, Blues and Gospel, Folk Music, and House Music while a stimulating roundtable discussion about the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians closed with an exceptional performance by two active members of the AACM.
Nanette de Jong's contribution, "Women of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians: Four Narratives," details the historical processes of black women's marginalization in the AACM by examining the connections between the jazz canon and the music industry.
Preliminary findings show the AACM procedures to be protective for cleanup of many asbestos-containing buildings.
In the last few years, Aoki has produced an astonishing range of work, including a pair of albums by the Miyumi Project--a big band of Black and Asian artists--duets with AACM legends, and a live set with taiko drummers.
George Lewis does a piece on AACM in Chicago, and we have spreads on visual artists Al Loving and Anthony Barboza, who has a great cover photograph.