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AACNAmerican Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology
AACNAmerican Association of Critical-Care Nurses
AACNAmerican Association of Colleges of Nursing
AACNAdvanced Automatic Crash Notification (General Motors)
AACNAmerican Academy of Clinical Neurophysiology
AACNAmerican Academy of Colleges of Nursing
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The partnership marks the first time AACN has selected an individual health system to participate in its hospital-based AACN Clinical Scene Investigator (CSI) Academy, which is designed to empower bedside nurses as clinician leaders and change agents whose initiatives measurably improve the quality of patient care with bottom-line impact to the hospital.
She has dedicated her career to the advancement of nurses via education, science, and patient care on the local, state, national, and international levels," said UMSON Dean and AACN President Jane M.
AACN is pleased to see across-the-board increases in nursing school enrollments this year given our commitment to encouraging all nurses to advance their education as a catalyst for improving patient care," AACN President Jane Kirschling, RN, PhD, FAAN, said in a news release.
AACN believes that educating all nurses with significant content in public health and providing diverse experiential learning experiences to reinforce these concepts are essential to improving the quality of nursing care and the overall health of the nation," said AACN President Jane Kirschling.
AACN certification programs provide a mechanism for acute and critical care nurses to verify mastery of knowledge and skills in a defined specialty.
John Whitcomb, RN, PhD, CCRN, and Mary Stahl, RN, MSN, APRN, BC, CCNS-CMC, CCRN, were appointed representatives of the AACN Board of Directors.
I also notice that the AACN Procedure Manual for Critical Care does not clearly recommend x-ray confirmation for placement of these large-bore tubes.
To support the creation of this new nursing role, AACN has launched a national project involving almost 90 education-practice partnerships in 35 states and Puerto Rico.
Among the most stunning findings, results from the AACN survey show that the number of students enrolled in baccalaureate degree completion programs - called RN to BSN programs - increased by 22.
AACN webinars are driving evidence-based practice at the point of care, rapidly moving new clinical knowledge into practice at the bedside," said AACN Chief Clinical Officer Connie Barden, RN, MSN, CCRN-E, CCNS.
Generous support from the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence, the Johnson and Johnson's Campaign for Nursing's Future, the University of Kentucky College of Nursing, and Loyola University New Orleans School of Nursing enabled AACN to accommodate 130 students (room capacity).
Noting that AACN's overall commitment and leadership in improving the work environments for nurses has set the standard for other nursing and healthcare organizations, the center specifically cited the AACN Standards for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments, AACN's position papers on Workplace Violence Prevention and Zero Tolerance for Abuse, and the organization's research and policy support for healthy work environments.