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AACPAmerican Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
AACPAmerican Academy of Craniofacial Pain (since 1985; Hurst, Texas)
AACPAmerican Academy of Clinical Psychiatrists
AACPAmerican Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion
AACPAdvanced Airborne Command Post
AACPAmerican Academy of Community Psychiatrists
AACPAmbient Air Control Panel
AACPAllied Acquisition Practices Publication (NATO)
AACPApproved Acronym Creation Permit (humor)
AACPAmerican Academy for Child Psychoanalysis
AACPAlaskan Air Command Pamphlet
AACPAustralian Association of Consultant Pharmacies
AACPAlliance against Counterfeiting and Piracy (UK)
AACPAmerican Association of Chinese Professionals
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5 billion across AACP III and its related fund vehicles.
The AACP guidelines (12) note cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, and renal insufficiency have been found to increase bleeding risk in patients receiving warfarin treatment.
Table 1: Distribution of 2005-06 Full-Time Pharmacy Faculty by Rank and Gender Male Female Total Dean 71 16 87 Associate Dean 126 34 160 Assistant Dean 63 50 113 Professor 742 161 903 Associate Professor 688 375 1063 Assistant Professor 754 983 1737 Instructor 41 61 102 Lecturer 10 13 23 Librarian 0 13 13 Total 2495 1706 4201 AACP Institutional Research Report Series: Profile of Pharmacy Faculty, 2005-06; American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, Alexandria, Virginia, December 2006.
In fact, the contract between Callan and the AACP stated that the professional fund-raising group would receive about 78 percent of the money raised.
These dentists are generally familiar with TMJ problems--which is the most complicated part of treating patients with oral appliances--and they have access to educational programs through the AACP on oral appliance therapy.
It is worth noting that while all AACP members sign a statement saying they support the code of ethics when they apply for or renew their membership, there is no enforcement mechanism that imposes penalties on those who fail to comply with its provisions.
Black, professor of psychiatry at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and president of the AACP.
The American Association for Correctional Psychology (AACP) has been in existence for more than 40 years and, although it has accomplished much in that time, President Dave Glenwick wants to make AACP a larger, more visible presence than it's ever been.
Dawson Biotechnology Award during the AACP Annual Meeting, Pharmacy Education 2012, in Kissimmee, Florida, July 14-18.
Patel joins the AACP Institute as a lecturer for a 3-session mini residency in Dallas, Texas.
According to Stanley, Harrison College's AHiMA, AACP and CME approved, online, instructor-led ICD-10 training program will appeal to many professional coders seeking to master the ICD-10 codes.
He will receive the prestigious Volwiler Research Achievement Award on July 17 during the Examining Excellence Awards Plenary at the AACP Annual Meeting, Pharmacy Education 2012, in Kissimmee, Florida.