AACPSAnne Arundel County Public Schools
AACPSAssociation of Academic Chairmen of Plastic Surgery (Arlington Heights, IL)
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However, in this study, both showed low values of AACPI and AACPS for early blight.
they showed a lower incidence of AACPI and AACPS. Thus, these genotypes may be more appropriate to the crop when reduction in the intensity/decrease in the severity of both diseases in the organic system of cultivation is a trait pursued.
Table 1--Intensity of the early blight (Alternaria solani) expressed by the area below the incidence progression curve (AACPI) and severity (AACPS) in potato genotypes grown under organic system of cultivation in two cycles, years 2012/2013 and years 2013/2014, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
AACPs can be identified in satellite imagery by anyone after a limited amount of training, allowing a forecaster to quickly recognize these significant severe storms.
Our results demonstrate that, on average, AACP storms are an especially intense subset of deep convection, featuring the highest cloud tops, strongest updrafts, most lightning, a high frequency of severe weather, and often characteristics of a supercell storm.
AACPS has an aggressive 20 percent reduction goal in energy use intensity over ten years with a 2011 baseline as part of their commitment to the Better Buildings Challenge and dedication to the energy efficiency of District buildings.
Os resultados obtidos da AACPI, AACPS e de incidencia e severidade foram submetidos a analise de variancia e as medias comparadas pelo teste de Scott-Knott a 5% de probabilidade.
Com relacao a AACPS da antracnose na propriedade 01, verificou-se reducao significativa da doenca de 53,96% quando os frutos foram lavados nas propriedades e de 78,86% quando lavados com hipoclorito de sodio a 2% com aplicacao do fungicida, em relacao a testemunha.
The Anne Arundel County Public School System (AACPS) is a large school district located between Baltimore City and Washington, D.C., which services approximately 75,000 students m 117 public schools (suburban, urban, and rural).
A core aspect of the district's effort was the evaluation of KACM, both in terms of process and outcomes (AACPS, 2006).
Back-trajectory air parcels at the time of the image, initialized from balloon flight position launched from Varanasi 32 h after, colored by their altitude, are overlaid, (b) A zoomed-in image at 1410 UTC over the region outlined by the red box in (a), contrast enhanced to more clearly show OTs (black arrows) and AACPs (white outline), embedded within the anvil of this mesoscale convective system.
TABELA 2--Severidade maxima e area abaixo da curva de progresso da severidade (AACPS) em onze cultivares de pessegueiro na regiao da Lapa-PR.