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AACR2Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd Edition (Non-Revised)
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RDA implementation in 2013 ended AACR2's three-decade reign as the primary Anglo-American library cataloging standard.
Program for comparative cataloguing tools related to the 2002 revision of AACR2, Serial review, 26(4), 37-41.
RDA (Resource Description and Access): The New Way to Say, "AACR2", Knowledge Quest, v36 n4 p64-69.
If a user follows the guidelines of the AACR2, and records date information as [18--?], then this format is rejected since it uses symbols rather than numbers.
RDA's evolution began in 1967 with the AACR, which became the AACR2 in 1978.
Scope has an experienced bibliographic/cataloging team comprising highly qualified library professionals and expertise in creating and updating MARC formats (AACR2 and RDA).
Moore and Mary Lynette Larsgaard is the first comprehensive book specifically targeted at map cataloguing to assist with the understanding of Resource Description and Access (RDA), the new international cataloguing standard introduced in 2010, replacing Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd edition (AACR2), the previous international cataloguing standard which had been in place since 1978.
RDA: Resource Description & Access is a new cataloging code that has been developed as a replacement to Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd edition (AACR2).
The book begins with material on the rationale for a new cataloging code and looks at the differences between AACR2 and the new standard.