AACR2RAnglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd Revised Edition
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Name entries for sound recordings with no collective title, AACR2r: 21.23D1 (1988) Rule Nature Entry Heading 21.23D1a Participation beyond performance (common to "popular, "rock," jazz) * One principal Main: Principal performer performer * 2-3 principal Main: First principal performers performer Added: Other performer(s) * No principal Main: Appropriate to first performers or work on item 4+ principal performers Added: None 21.23D1b Participation is only Main: See 21.7C1: Appropriate performance or to first work on item interpretation (usually composer or (mainly "classical" prominent performer) or "serious" music) Added: See 21.7B1: Other works as appropriate (usually name-title) Added: Principal performers as appropriate Fig.
AACR2R-e (Electronic CD-ROM 1 (20) Format of AACR2R) iii.
In a different context, AACR2R not only reflects, but actually constructs hierarchy.
So they line up as in the following example, much like uniform titles in AACR2R:
A more specific interest is the metadata scheme (ETD-MS) used for electronic theses and dissertations and the workflow implication for cataloging departments that catalog the print thesis and are also involved in creating metadata for the electronic version (presumably, using AACR2r).