AACTEAmerican Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
AACTEAlaska Association for Career and Technical Education
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AACTE American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education http://www.
For this reason, MCEC and AACTE formed a partnership in late 2011 to raise awareness and help prepare educators to lead in their classrooms.
Co-presenter, Round Table Session, AACTE Conference, San Diego CA.
Faculty members do have choices to make, but the conversations at the AACTE are about "dispositional knowledge" and how to engage prospective teachers in the debates about liberalism and education.
In this 70th Anniversary year, CCTE is supporting innovation and collaboration in research on teacher education through a grant from AACTE.
In recent years, the AACTE Board of Directors were the dedicated and committed leaders who kept the organization viable through member services and activities.
will have a valid, reliable tool to gauge their teacher candidates' effectiveness, while states and school districts will have a common framework to inform best practices for improving student learning," said AACTE President and CEO Sharon P.
The first part of the project (1995-2000) allowed AACTE and its members to explore best methods of promoting the inclusion of such prevention education into teacher preparation, identify available curriculum resources, and develop, package, and disseminate learning resources and materials to schools, colleges, and departments of education .
Lettie Ramirez of California State University, East Bay is currently the CCTE Vice President for AACTE (the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education).
The AACTE survey shows that PDS sites do not replicate the traditional laboratory school model, but instead offer preservice teachers experience with diverse student populations.
Each year AACTE organizes these two events so that the leading officers of each state's affiliate organizations (such as CCTE) gather together for one and a half days of updates, inspiration, and strategy development.
Mary Diaz, head of the education department at Alverno College in Milwaukee, spoke out against PDSs at the recent AACTE conference in Phoenix, saying the PDS model may focus too heavily on practical experiences in a single setting at the expense of educational theory.