AACUAssociation of American Colleges and Universities (Washington, DC)
AACUAmerican Association of Clinical Urologists
AACUAnti-Aircraft Co-Operation Unit (Royal Air Force; UK)
AACUAviation Associates Credit Union (Wichita, KS)
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UROPAC was founded by the AACU in 1992 and has been an effective voice for urology.
We are proud of all AUA and AACU members that have gotten involved with UROPAC," said Dr.
AACU currently is a Fiserv Spectrum customer, according to the Technology Survey at Callahan & Associates.
Richard Pelman of Belleville, Washington, President of the AACU.
About AACU The American Association of Clinical Urologists (AACU) is the only national organization to serve urology with the sole purpose of promoting and preserving the professional autonomy and financial viability of each of its members.
The AACU, AUA and LUGPA support transparency in disclosing financial interests in all practice settings; in fact, many urology practices already have such policies in place.
A number of national initiatives, conferences, and dialogues have been held across the country designed to gather leaders together to discuss the future of the relationships between higher education and society (American Association of Colleges and Universities [AACU] 2002; AACU 2006; American Council for Education [ACE] 2006; Association for the Study of Higher Education [ASHE] 2006; Campus Compact and AACU 2006; National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good 2002; W.