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AADAustralian Antarctic Division (Australia's Antarctic program)
AADAmerican Academy of Dermatology
AADAccess to Archival Databases (US NARA)
AADAutomatic Activation Device
AADAntibiotic-Associated Diarrhea
AADAdditional Authenticated Data (WPA-CCMP encryption)
AADArmed and Dangerous (video game)
AADArbeids- og Administrasjonsdepartementet (Norwegian: Ministry of Labour and Government Administration)
AADAdvanced Agility Dog (dog agility title)
AADAnti-Arrhythmic Drugs
AADAdvanced Air Defense (missile intercept system)
AADArgumentation et Analyse du Discours (French: Argumentation and Discourse Analysis)
AADAmerican Annals of the Deaf
AADAssistant Athletic Director
AADArmy Air Defense
AADAir Assault Division
AADAnalog Analog Digital (audio CD recording format, recording/mixing/mastering)
AADAdvanced Academic Degree
AADAdvanced Animal Diagnostics
AADAnnual Aggregate Deductible (insurance)
AADArea Air Defence
AADAutomotive Analysis Division (University of Michigan)
AADAssigned Altitude Deviation
AADAlabama Association of the Deaf
AADAide et Assistance à Domicile (French: Home Help and Support)
AADArchive of Art and Design
AADAnalog Alignment Diskette
AADAssociate Art Director
AADAuthorized AutoCAD Dealer
AADAdvanced Ammunition Depot
AADAutomated Application Development (software development)
AADAngolan Action for Development (Angola)
AADAdmission And Disposition
AADAffirmative Action Division (various local governments)
AadAlpha-Aminoadipic Acid
AADAustin Association of the Deaf (Texas)
AADAttitude Anomaly Detector
AADAmerican Academy of Denturity
AADAlaska Association of the Deaf
AADAppeals Arbitration Division (ICAS)
AADAdvanced Access and Disablement
AADArkansas Association of the Deaf, Inc.
AADAccess Approval Document
AADAutomatic Actuation Device
AADAircraft Armament Division
AADAllgemeiner Anlagedienst
AADAutomatic Adaptive Detection
AADAcronym/Abbreviation Definition
AADAirborne Assault Division
AADAllowance Appendix Documentation
AADAll About Dollars
AADArmoured Amphibious Dozer
AADAcquisition Activities Division
AADAdditive Accumulative of Damages
AADAdvanced Alloy Development
AADAdvanced Alloy Duct (test)
AADAdvanced Acoustic Decoy
AADAtomic Absorption Detector
AADArmy Automation Directorate
AADAnalysis & Application Division
AADAmerican Academy of Diplomacy (est. 1983; Washington, DC)
AADAviation Accident Database (US NTSB)
AADAverage Absolute Deviation
AADAssistant Area Director (various locations)
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The AAD interceptor missile was fired this time using a radio frequency seeker onboard.
PrioCHECK Trichinella AAD is a reliable alternative to the currently used pepsin-based artificial digestion method, because the test uses a recombinantly produced enzyme from a standardized and secured production facility, ensuring good availability of the enzyme and consistent quality.
Study participants were all hospital in-patients aged 65 or over - the age group for which AAD tends to cause most problems - and had been prescribed one or more antibiotics.
T Jones Q, T, PY, SOC; G Jorden GR, TX, Q, M; C Joyce GR*, EL, Q, M*, P*; A Kaye SA; G Keenan E, Q, MUS, PY; J Keighley A, IT, SOC; J Kelly F*, Q, IT, PY; T Knight A*, TH*, EL, E, Q; C Knowles A, TX, Q, H; G Lane EL, Q, H*, GOV; R Leeming EL, ME, SA; N Levitt A, TX, Q, H; C Liebmann BUS, Q, T, GL; A Lightowlers AAD, GR, Q; A Lodge Q, T, H, GL; R Lodge A, FT, EL, E, Q, SA.
The consults started out on a basic cell phone with a camera, according to Philip Miller, chief executive officer of Click Diagnostics, the company that developed the software for the AAD.
Therefore EP's need a screening test to identify patients with suspected AAD, before considering to perform advanced imaging studies.
A randomized controlled trial in children showed that LGG in doses of at least 10-20 billion CFU daily had a beneficial role in preventing AAD.
Local commanders clearly understood this problem and compensated by reassigning officers at the expense of leaving the AAD billet vacant until the projected arrival of the next AAD officer.
Among the visuals developed by the AAD are: a sweet little girl at the beach with two sand buckets in her hands and the large-print message, "Seashells.
In particular, a team of NLM staff and AAD volunteer members compared CD-ROM, laser disc, and other digital computer technologies with the quality of 35-millimeter color slides, the unsurpassed standard for dermatologic images.
Integrated onto the vehicle at AAD will be the TRT-B25 (Tactical Remote Turret) also from Land Systems South Africa.
The platform will be presented at the AAD Meeting in San Francisco, California from March 21 - 23 (booth #2428).