AADACAlberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission
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Detailed questions relating to patterns of alcohol and cannabis use, and harms experienced from this use, were considered as core topics as these substances are most commonly used in student populations (AADAC, 2003; Adlaf & Paglia-Boak, 2007; May, Katzenstein, Liebel, Saewyc, & Skay, 2004; Patton, Mackay, & Broszeit, 2005; Poulin & Elliot, 2007).
For example, psilocybin has prevalence estimates as high as 10% to 15% among older students in some regions (AADAC, 2003; Patton et al., 2005; Poulin & MacDonald, 2007).
Carr had been promoted to his position in 2005, after lying about his university degree and criminal record--unchecked by AADAC staff.
Tory MLA David Rodney, chair of the AADAC board, says the incident brought glaring inadequacies to light, and all of Dunn's recommendations were put in place before his report was released.
During the period of confinement, AADAC will provide detoxification services as well as assessment and counselling to work with parents and youth at risk to develop a voluntary treatment plan to put in place after the child leaves the protective safe house.
The program is based on the idea that living in a treatment centre, away from their normal environment, helps clients recognize the reasons for their addictive behaviour, draw upon their personal strengths and make positive changes in their lives, according to Kathy Landry, manager of the AADAC Northern Addictions Centre.
AADAC, which operates both referral agencies and residential treatment centres (26 in total), does not fund on-reserve residential treatment programs and NNADAP is not mandated to fund off-reserve programs.
He did an excellent job for Annie, and within two months all children were home with Annie, who on her lawyer's advice had taken both a life skills course and seen an AADAC counsellor.
The government portion of funding for the Institute comes from AADAC and NNADAP.
The Aboriginal Health Group received $3,000 in funding from AADAC to adapt the program.
A study published by Alberta Health Services (formerly AADAC) revealed that in 2002 and 2003, 59 percent of the First Nations population was cigarette smokers, triple the rate found in the entire Canadian population of smokers.
The AADAC Gambling Screen should be given to all clients who are seeking assistance for their own substance abuse problems.