AADBAmerican Association of the Deaf-Blind
AADBAccountancy and Actuarial Discipline Board (UK)
AADBAutomotive Applications Division Board
AADBArmy Air Defense Board
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Most of the client money from futures and options trading was being 'swept' daily into interest-bearing, unsegregated accounts overnight at JPMorgan Chase bank, the firm s parent, the AADB said.
Yesterday, the AADB said an independent tribunal found PwC s misconduct was 'very serious'.
The AADB had proposed a 6 million pound fine, while PwC had suggested to the tribunal the fine should be at the lower end of a A[pounds sterling]0.
So, the AADB alleges that Deloitte failed to mitigate potential risks of conflicts and to adequately consider the public interest, with Deloitte's conduct seen as effectively falling short of what could reasonably be expected chartered accountants.
When the term of the previous AADB dental hygienist-at-large was about to expire, McMurphy was approached by a group of southern dentists to run for the position.
Through her involvement with the MSBDE and the AADB, McMurphy has learned that as a dental hygienist, she must stand her ground on issues and do her homework by researching facts and figures on a given issue to prepare for any discussion.
It is understood the AADB investigation will look at KPMG's examination of BAE's accounts at the time the deals were made.
It will, of course, be co-operating fully with the AADB to ensure that the matter is brought to a swift conclusion.
An investigation does not always mean that an allegation has been made or there is any evidence of misconduct, the AADB said.
It would be inappropriate to make any comments during an investigation but we will of course co-operate in any way we can with the AADB.
But the AADB said it was still investigating tshe actions of RSM Robson Rhodes, who were auditors for iSoft during the financial years 20s03-2005, as well as other individuals holding executive and non-executive directorships during the same period.
A spokeswoman for the AADB said: "We have still got ongoing investigations into the conduct of individuals and the member firm that audited the company.