AADCAustralian Antarctic Data Centre (Hobart, Australia)
AADCArea Air Defense Commander
AADCAlaska Aerospace Development Corporation
AADCAromatic L-Amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency
AADCAutomated Area Distribution Center (US Postal Service)
AADCArmy Air Defense Command(er)
AADCAll Applications Digital Computer
AADCAdvanced Avionics Digital Computer
AADCApproach and Departure Control
AADCAvionics Architecture Design Change
AADCAnterior Adductor of the Coxa
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17) It clearly specifies that OCA attack operations are commanded by the JFACC and DCA operations are commanded by the AADC, with the JFACC responsible for the integration of offensive and defensive components of IAMD.
The AADC also took time to celebrate the contributions of Canon Michael Jackson, author and deacon, diocese of QuAppelle.
Army doctrine, a theater air and missile defense (TAMD) coordination board (formerly known as a reprioritization board) led by the deputy AADC exists primarily to recommend changes to the DAL, a JFC-approved list of protected assets connected to a specific operations plan.
The company said it will work to re-brand AADC under its new ownership and looks to an official launch in the coming months.
Di NICCO, El delegado del Obispo diocesano para presidir el Consejo de asuntos economicos de la diocesis, AADC 19 (2013) 53-54.
The distribution companies, ADDC and AADC, are ready to assist all customers by implementing new water and electricity conservation initiatives through an awareness strategy that will help instil a culture to conserve these precious resources," he explained.
The observed strict substrate specificity was distinct from that of any other AADC characterized to date.
An aromatic AADC homolog (bas-1) has also been reported as an ortholog of the human guanine triphosphate (GTP) cyclohydrolase I gene, which, in mammalian systems, expresses a protein involved in the regulation of TH activity, namely C.
8 V is a classical nominal voltage for a 180nm CMOS technology used for fabricating the AADC [3].
AADC Positions Committee Positions Statement, American Association of Dental Consultants [Internet].
The Air Force is well-poised to continue to fulfill these roles--not exclusively to be sure, but well-poised nonetheless--insofar as the doctrinal predisposition is to grant JFACC and AADC responsibilities to the Service that has the preponderance of air and space capabilities, and the ability to integrate, command, and control them.
32) While IIRIRA's legislative history offers little clarification as to why these three actions were delineated, the Supreme Court's reasoning in AADC, (33) the touchstone case interpreting section 242(g), is compelling.