AADDAdult Attention Deficit Disorder
AADDAcquired Attention Deficit Disorder
AADDAtlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities (Georgia)
AADDAll About Developmental Disabilities (formerly Atlanta Alliance on Disabilities; Atlanta, GA)
AADDAirmen Against Drunk Driving (USAF)
AADDAlmanya Atatürkçü Düsünce Dernegi (Turkish)
AADDAnnual Average Daily Demand (water distribution design parameter)
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It may be due to the genome similarity in former tetraploid species as both having AADD genome.
II AADD, Informe Infancia, Families i Canvis Socials.
As the literal is a constraint, the parametric routine Aadd is used.
They have eliminated late mishap reporting by designing and distributing over 300 bi-fold wallet-sized safety cards outlining the squadron's mishap notification procedures, key personnel, and emergency phone numbers for many health and safety programs: Airmen Against Drunk Driving (AADD), Help Crisis Line, Poison Control Center, and local area hospitals.
HEXAPLOID [F.sub.1] HYBRID COTTONS from crosses between tetraploid (4x; AADD) G.
Tender notice number : 07-289204, 0700021113, Bidding Contract AADD Bids
Some of the many popular booths this year included: wing safety covering the Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard or BASH program and Foreign Object Damage or FOD; Grainger Supply Company displaying industrial safety tools; Kansas City Southern Railroad covering railroad safety; Louisiana Highway Safety Commission covering highway safety; medical booths from the 2nd Medical Group; and various local hospitals covering health awareness and Airman Against Drunk Driving or AADD. The drunk buster goggles are always a big hit.
- Thank you for the efficiency in preparing the documentation first - I thank the general, director of the Military Institute of Medicine and thank you, starosta, for efficient analysis of the documentation and issuing the building permit - the minister aadded.
The changes that have occurred from human activity and from the natural climate signals have led to the emergence of new species in the marine environment of the Black Sea, aadds Prof.
Al Yamahi aadded that the Air Wing department at Ras Al Khaimah Police were always ready to provide assistance in case of such emergencies.
AADDED and ADGM agree on dual-licencing regime for companies