AADDAdult Attention Deficit Disorder
AADDAcquired Attention Deficit Disorder
AADDAtlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities (Georgia)
AADDAll About Developmental Disabilities (formerly Atlanta Alliance on Disabilities; Atlanta, GA)
AADDAirmen Against Drunk Driving (USAF)
AADDAlmanya Atatürkçü Düsünce Dernegi (Turkish)
AADDAnnual Average Daily Demand (water distribution design parameter)
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It may be due to the genome similarity in former tetraploid species as both having AADD genome.
II AADD, Informe Infancia, Families i Canvis Socials.
It is likely that they are suffering from Adjuster Attention Deficit Disorder, or AADD for short.
At the next Chief's Group, Top 3, Roll Call, AADD, off site, or whatever event it may be, show your concern for your fellow Airmen by talking about managing risk and being a good Wingman.
This finding is in agreement with the idea that in AADD tetraploid cottons, the D-subgenome globally contributes to a higher level of trait variability than does the A-subgenome (reviewed by Paterson et al.
Andrew Renton, by email AADD 100mm thick timber lengths (or whatever depth you want) to the joists and lay more insulation between them.