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AADEAmerican Association of Diabetes Educators
AADEAmerican Association of Dental Examiners
AADEAmerican Association of Dental Editors
AADEAerospace, Automotive and Design Engineering (University of Hertfordshire; Hatfield, UK)
AADEArmy Air Defense Element
AADEAssociation for Art and Design Education (est. 1986; Northern Ireland, UK)
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This oversight in the law, AADE points out, puts credentialed diabetes educators--and patients--at a significant disadvantage.
My role is to take Air Force assets from the United States and Europe and introduce them into AADE 2010," Colonel Richardson said.
Since AADE believes that a clinical examination should still be in place, why not establish a national clinical examination?
UBD tolls and technology solve conventional deepwater drilling problems," AADE National Drilling Technical Conference, Houston, TX, March 27-29, 2001.
Working with Wal-Mart and Sam's Club allows us to directly reach large populations affected by diabetes, many of whom do not know they are at risk for diabetes or possibly even have the disease," says immediate past AADE president Mary Austin.
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5) Similarly, the AADE recommends that schools partner with parents and health care providers to develop individualized care plans for students with diabetes.
The AADE and the American College of Endocrinology go further, recommending an [HbA.
AADE position statement: Education for continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion pump users.
Chicago: American Association of Diabetes Educators and the AADE Education and Research Foundation.