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AADLAnn Arbor District Library (Ann Arbor, MI)
AADLAlberta Aids to Daily Living (Alberta, Canada)
AADLArchitecture Analysis and Design Language
AADLAsociación Argentina de Luminotecnia
AADLAdvanced Activities of Daily Living (geriatric nursing)
AADLAvionic Architecture Description Language
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In addition to AADL, several other public libraries are leading the way with direct licensing of music files, including Iowa City Public Library and Santa Cruz Public Library.
The approach consists in modeling systems using AADL language, and then generating integration source code and configuration files for the simulator SIMA by using an extended version of the open source OCARINA tool.
status FLIC Patient Both, quality of life FSI Patient interview Both, some AADL FSQ Patient Both, quality of life IADL Patient interview F.
Papers from the conference are presented here, grouped in sections on verification, specification and design, synchronization and scheduling, testing and prediction, web services and pervasive computing, verified software, semantic services and mobility, experimental software engineering, and UML & AADL 2008.
If the AADL was otherwise unclassifiable with respect to occupational versus recreational, it was recorded as recreational.
Ainsi , le souscripteur peut telecharger son ordre de versement apres avoir fait entree sur le site AADL les renseignements personnels necessaires ainsi que le code attribue a l'inscription du dossier et ensuite se rapprocher de n'importe qu'elle agence CPA pour effectuer son versement.
During a survey day on insurance of the Agency's sites, Khebache said that the subsidiary, within the Department of Real Estate Management (IMB) will assume management of hundreds of buildings constructed by AADL.
AADL 2: Nouvelle phase de payement de la 2eme tranche des le 18 fevrier
000 unitA@s seront allouA@s au programme AADL [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il prA@cisA@.
200 logements AADL dans la commune de Oued Ghir, annonAoant son accord pour dA@bloquer un montant de 17 milliards pour l'achA?
Dans le programme AADL notamment, un g retard est enregistrAaAaAeA@ dans une vingtaine de wilayas, soit 38450 unitAaAa [beaucoup moins que]Nous avons pris des dAaAaAeA@cisions de rAaAaAeA@siliatio contrats avec trois entreprises, chargAaAaAeA@s de la rAaAaAeA@alisation de logements AADL.
Dans le cadre du programme 2018, nous avons accordAaAaAeA@ 30 nouveaux logements AADL pour la wilaya de Bouira qui bAaAaAeA@nAaAaAeA@ficie a de 1000 nouvelles unitAaAaAeA@s LPA dans sa nouvelle formule, ainsi que 2000 nouvelles unitAaAaAeA@s d'habitat rural", a annoncAaAaAeA@ M.