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AADLAnn Arbor District Library (Ann Arbor, MI)
AADLAlberta Aids to Daily Living (Alberta, Canada)
AADLArchitecture Analysis and Design Language
AADLAsociación Argentina de Luminotecnia
AADLAdvanced Activities of Daily Living (geriatric nursing)
AADLAvionic Architecture Description Language
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Pour le programme AADL 2, 5 576 unites ont ete distribuees dans 8 wilayas, a savoir biskra (400 unites), Tiaret (700 unites), Setif (1500), Mascara (435), khanchela (112), Mila (500), Tissemsilt (400) et enfin Alger 1529.
The second one is about the research of MARTE and AADL (architecture analysis and design language) [23] in the design stage of complex embedded systems.
FBS models of the NCLM are built up for the analysis of fault detection, and the simulation is conducted based on AADL suites.
The AADL staff has also repackaged some of the featured media for in-depth explorations of such subjects as 1966 UFO sightings as well as a 1968 flood, when waters rose "high enough to permit canoeing in Lansdowne subdivision south of [Ann Arbor] Pioneer High School."
Yesterday AA Developments Ltd (AADL), who manage the Strathclyde scheme as well as those in other force areas, said they would investigate.
A hierarchical exercise scale to measure function at the advanced activities of daily living (AADL) level.
To solve these problems, this paper introduces the reliability analysis technology based on AADL error model [2].
Under the programs implemented by the National Fund of Savings, the Agency for the improvement and development of housing (AADL) or participatory social housing, the state plans of grant aid from DZD400,000 to DZD700,000 and subsidy on the cost of bank loan based on income for individuals wishing to acquire accommodation.
Papers from the conference are presented here, grouped in sections on verification, specification and design, synchronization and scheduling, testing and prediction, web services and pervasive computing, verified software, semantic services and mobility, experimental software engineering, and UML & AADL 2008.