AADMDAmerican Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry
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Planned development by AADMD and Special Olympics of educational materials and collaboration between ministries of health and chief dental officers throughout the LAC region.
The AADMD and Special Olympics International recently jointly signed a new partnership agreement at the annual meeting in Houston.
That encouragement to the founders of the AADMD led to increased educational opportunity in medical and dental schools for future doctors to know how best to care for some of the nation's most vulnerable and improve their health.
For further information, dentists can join the AADMD and find like-minded caring doctors at www.
Initiatives are being made, not only at local levels, such as formation of AADMD student chapters at dental schools, but also through nationwide policy changes providing improved access to care for adults with special needs.
Prominent organizations, including the American Medical Association [27] and the American Dental Association [28], have passed resolutions affirming the need for this crucial step and now join the efforts of the AADMD in advocating for ensuring that those whose society has not offered sufficient supports can experience well-being as fully as possible.