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AADSAmerican Association of Dental Schools
AADSAmphibious Assault Direction System
AADSAmphibious Assault Direction System (AN/KSQ-1)
AADSArea Air Defense System
AADSAdvanced Air Defense System
AADSAdvanced Anaerobic Digestion System
AADSAlaskan Air Defense Sector
AADSArmy Air Defense Site
AADSAnti-Aircraft Defense System
AADSAffordable Apache Drive System (attack helicopter system redesign)
AADSAcquired Amusement Deficiency Syndrome
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Convergent validity was shown through correlations between the AADS and self-reports of aggressive behavior, in addition to correlations between the AADS and the Acceptance of Violence Questionnaire (formerly Attitudes Towards Interpersonal Violence Scale, or AIV).
Additional quality assurance measures in dental hygiene education include competency guidelines, drafted by the AADS.
For example, although 99 percent of lieutenant colonels in the space-and-missile career field (AFSC 13S) have AADS, only 13 percent of them are considered technical degrees.
Using the AADS Directory of Dental and Allied Dental Education 1978-79, it was determined that 259 (12%) of the dental hygienists listed held a master's degree.
The resulting burden is much lower, but still considered moderately high to high, with an AADS burden of 9.
Project Scope and Schedule CLT is seeking professional services for the preparation of an Airport Area Development Strategy ( AADS ) for the area within the Airport Intermodal Opportunity Area Sphere of Influence ( Study Area ).
Open hearings to receive additional oral and written comments were held at the American Association of Dental Schools (AADS) annual meeting in late February, the AADS National Dental Hygiene Directors' Conference in mid June, and the ADHA annual session in late June.
Moreover, it is the retailing segment with the strongest trade association in NACDS, and the only one with a viable buying organization in AADS, an organization that, by the way, is demonstrating remarkable new vitality under Jim Devine, its president of one year.
Devine, who said that one of his major goals was to facilitate communications between retailers and suppliers when he took the reins at AADS last August, put together a program that provided representatives of the 50 chains and 138 manufacturers attending the event with a wealth of information relevant to drug store retailing, in addition to the usual exhibition of products.
Eisenberg and his recently formed Eisenberg & Associates will aid AADS in evaluating its programs to see if they are meeting the needs of its retail members and suppliers.
For a story on sales trends among AADS members, see page 12.