AADTAnnual Average Daily Traffic
AADTAverage Annual Daily Traffic (transportation planning)
AADTAsian American Democrats of Texas (est. 1990)
AADTAmerican Alliance Drug Testing (substance abuse testing service; Upland, CA; est. 1995)
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Traffic volumes vary according to the time of day, season and weather conditions as well as the existing AADT, PM peak hour traffic (evening commute) and turning movement volume.
The total AADT for each intersection was calculated by adding traffic (AADT) coming into and leaving the intersection for both highways.
The AADT represents the average number of vehicles traveling in both directions on a discrete road segment.
Concentrations of HMs from a total of 103 samples in 2001-2004 were found to be in correlation with the range of traffic volume from 700 to 62700 AADT.
AADT on these routes ranged from 5000 to 300,000 vehicles with heavy commercial traffic between 3% and 30%.
Stepwise selected seven variables in explaining annual first-year sales: two from the site-location category, AADT and ACCVIS; and two from the market-area category, INC and POPCOMPT.
Contract notice: the aadt is looking for a communication agency capable of setting up "end-of-line" tourism promotion operations as close as possible to the potential issuing basins of leisure-tourism clients in france and abroad, with the aim of promote the destination barn pyrnes to target audiences and generate stays on it.
The researchers calculated the annual average daily traffic (AADT) for each site and year as the average of the AADTs of the segments within each site-year.
O-D matrices were estimated for rush hour and off peak times of working days and weekends in winter and summer along with a matrix of averages reflecting the network's AADT.
CalTrans periodically undertakes traffic counts on some roads and then estimates or extrapolates traffic flow to others, assigning AADT to each road segment.