AADTAnnual Average Daily Traffic
AADTAverage Annual Daily Traffic (transportation planning)
AADTAsian American Democrats of Texas (est. 1990)
AADTAmerican Alliance Drug Testing (substance abuse testing service; Upland, CA; est. 1995)
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Overall, traffic performance was in line with Fitch's Base Case expectation of 300,400 AADT and Rating Case AADT of 297,302.
The number of crash counts within the segments were converted to crash rates using AADT and vehicles-miles-traveled (VMT) for each roadway segment using the Federal Highway Administration guideline [21]: R = (C x [10.sup.8])/(AADT x 365 x N x L); and VMT = AADT x 365 x L.
To create models that predict the expected number of crashes per year, the researchers developed statistical regression models that used the AADT in both directions on the major and minor roads and a median U-turn offset in units of 1,000 feet (305 meters) as variables.
Traffic volumes vary according to the time of day, season and weather conditions as well as the existing AADT, PM peak hour traffic (evening commute) and turning movement volume.
The adjusted odds ratio (AOR) for the top 90th percentile (AADT greater than 15,199) versus the bottom 75th percentile (AADT = 0-1,089) was 1.18 [95% confidence interval (CI), 0.87-1.60].
AADT on these routes ranged from 5000 to 300,000 vehicles with heavy commercial traffic between 3% and 30%.
Stepwise selected seven variables in explaining annual first-year sales: two from the site-location category, AADT and ACCVIS; and two from the market-area category, INC and POPCOMPT.
Opening of the new six-lane bridge will benefit about 30,000 motorists per day based on the 2017 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) and will shorten travel time between Barangay Ulas and Barangay Buhangin from 80 minutes to just 30 minutes.
Additionally, Figure 7 shows a visual representation of Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) on the Maryland road network in 2013, indicating that a wide range of AADT values are observed, and highlighting the spatial distribution of high-volume roads.
For the analysis of Lithuania's road network and development of mathematical models the 2006-2010 data on technical road categories, road cross sections, junctions, speed restrictions, average annual daily traffic (AADT), road accidents, etc.