AADVART Advertising (Lebanon)
AADVAlliance Against Domestic Violence (Puyallup, WA)
AADVAcquisition Aid Vehicle
AADVArtists Against Domestic Violence
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In Equations (4) and (5), annual return measures the stock return during the one-year period ending on the switching date; logMV is the logarithm of firms' market capitalization that we use to measure firm size; AR&D and AAdv are the changes in research and development expenses and advertising expenses, respectively, after listing on NYSE; Age represents the number of years a firm has been in existence; V is daily dollar volume; [[sigma].sub.2] is the return variance; MV is the log of stock's market capitalization; P is the stock's closing price; N is the number of trades per day; and [e.sub.i], [[eta].sub.2], and [v.sub.i] are the error terms.