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In an interview with TAP ahead of the 30th Ordinary Session of the Arab Summit scheduled in Tunis on March 31, The Director-General of AAEA highlighted the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and the importance of nuclear programmes in providing water and alternative energy to Arab countries.
Larry Smith, the Conservative leader in the Senate, call Lankin'sAeA motion thatAeA finally ended debateAeA AcAeA officially called a "dilatory motion" Ac a "Draconian tool" that has never before been used by an Independent senator that was like aAeA "guillotine" coming down on voices in the minority.
Tunis, (QNA) - The 29th edition of the general conference of the Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA) began Sunday in Tunis.The conference is a key event to evaluate the Agency's programs in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy.
Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA) director-general Dr Abdulmajeed Al Mahjoub and AAEA scientific affairs director Dr Dhaw Musbaah spoke of Arab nuclear capability of generating electricity and desalinating sea water, as well as capabilities and fears.
Abdul Majid al- Mahjoub, Director-General of the Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA) made a presentation in which he referred to the role of AAEA since its inception in 1989 through the consolidation of efforts in atomic energy use to serve the economic and social development in the Arab region.
aEU must now provide a policy for sustainable growtha aAEA member airlines have been able to achieve these positive results by serious restructuring and the introduction of new commercial strategiesa, says AEAas CEO Athar Husain Khan.
He said the Arab League Secretariat General will join the 4th conference represented by high-powered officials in different energy sectors, experts, engineers, businessmen and industrialists concerned with energy affairs in addition to the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Counties (OAPEC), Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA), and the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining.
Lake Pointe Centre III and IV is a 170,147 square feet (15,807 square metres) core and class AaeA' office portfolio, located in
The Agriculture and Applied Economics Association (AAEA), based in Milwaukee, recognizes that the farm animal welfare issue "is one of ethics -- public ethics.
The Agricultural and Applied Economics Association has named its 2012 Class of AAEA Fellows, the highest honor bestowed by the organization.
Advanced Energy Economy, a national business organisation promoting United States companies as global suppliers of innovative energy technologies and solutions, has added its latest state chapter, the Arkansas Advanced Energy Association (AAEA).
Leavis Aaea real interest in literature is an interest in man, society and civilizationAAE.