AAEJAmerican Association for Ethiopian Jews
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Nate Shapiro, the president of the AAEJ at that time, had decided that to bring large numbers of Jews to the capital would create chaos, in addition to costing a lot of money.
In April 1990 Pollack and the AAEJ became convinced that conditions in Gondar required an aggressive remedy.
Against this background, in April 1990, on Passover, the AAEJ's Will Recant arrived in Addis Ababa.
Indeed, Pollack and the AAEJ did not coordinate their plan with anyone.
From January through April, the transport program moved a modest number of Beta Israel to the capital city, fewer than 100 a week, according to AAEJ records.
And they expected to be taken to Jerusalem "immediately, tomorrow," as one AAEJ agent recalled in an interview.