AAFARSAdvanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System (Army)
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When planning a JFARP using the AAFARS, sling-load operations are integral to the process since they are the primary means of deploying the blivets and sometimes the container used to store the AAFARS.
Like the AAFARS, a fat cow JFARP provides rapid employment and more site choices while operating under minimal enemy threat potential to and from the site.
While training and preparing to employ a JFARP, the fuel and water platoon experimented with different ways to execute operations, such as using a fat cow to resupply an AAFARS FARP, which is not normally done.
Although a tricon container is part of the AAFARS component item list, the platoon packed all necessary pieces of the system on an Air Force 463L pallet.
Army's Tank Automotive and Armament Command for 63 units of its second-generation AAFARS.
BAE Systems, under a previous contract with TACOM, delivered 48 first-generation AAFARS units.