AAFBAndrews Air Force Base (Maryland)
AAFBAndersen Air Force Base (Guam)
AAFBAlcohol Acid-Fast Bacilli
AAFBAssociation of Arizona Food Banks
AAFBAltus Air Force Base (Altus, Oklahoma)
AAFBAcid and Alcohol Fast Bacilli
AAFBAuxiliary Air Force Base
AAFBAtypical Acid Fast Bacteria
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Several studies have been conducted to document rare, threatened or endangered (RTE) arthropods present at AAFB (Lambdin and Grant, 1999; Mullen et al.
The five pitfall traps that were used throughout the study were placed within four different plant community types associated with Sinking Pond as described by Geoff Call, a biologist from AAFB, using the classifications of Pyne et al.
Thus, it is unclear whether FHA-approved lenders would be limited to their own AAFB for taking FHA loan applications and conducting underwriting activities, or whether the FHA-approved lenders would be able to accept FHA loan applications from non-FHA-approved entities for loans secured by properties located outside of the FHA-approved lender's own AAFB.
If FHA-approved lenders are limited to their own AAFB and can no longer rely on their loan correspondents' AAFB, it could severely restrict the areas in which many current Direct Endorsement lenders can do FHA business.
The diagnosis of PTB/HIV co-infection was based on criteria for diagnosing TB in poor resource settings where there are no facilities and manpower for mycobacterium tuberculosis culture: (a) the diagnostic criteria of TB given in the World Health Organisation (WHO) treatment of tuberculosis guideline for national programmes [5]; (b) specificity of clinical criteria in diagnosing TB patient [6, 10]; (c) Although Mantoux is usually negative in HIV infection because of loss of cell mediated immunity due to depletion of CD4 count, HIV patients who were smear negative for AAFB, but had positive Mantoux test with an area of induration [greater than or equal to]10mm diameter were considered diagnostic for tuberculosis.
Making the presentation to Ken McElroy of Scottsdale-based McElroy Management, who conceived the drive, was AAFB Executive Director Ginny Hildebrand.
The food helps feed the approximately 450,000 hungry Arizona children, senior citizens and adults assisted by the AAFB network during the year.
Study Sites--The hemipteran fauna was sampled from September 1997 through October 1998 at nine sites in the 15,816 ha AAFB located in Coffee and Franklin Counties, Tennessee, within the Barrens of the Southeastern Highland Rim in Tennessee.
Their generosity is making a difference to children who will be fed, seniors who will have adequate nutrition, and parents who can rest easy knowing there's enough in their pantry to feed their children the next day,' said AAFB Executive Director Ginny Hildebrand.
Although the association has participated in various charities in the past, they are now making a long-term commitment to AAFB, with a golf tournament fundraiser already planned for 1999.