AAFCSAmerican Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (formerly American Home Economics Association)
AAFCSAdvanced Automatic Flight Control System
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Other CTE Involvement: Iowa Family & Consumer Science Educators (IFCSE) (1997-present); President, IFCSE (2008-09); Vice President, IFCSE (2007-08); Secretary, IFCSE (2004-07); Key Leader, IFCSE (1998-99); Iowa AAFCS State Board member (2012-16); Secretary, Family, Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) State Board (2011-15); Board Member, Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) State Board (2008-present); State of Iowa, Secondary Career and Technical Education Task (2013-15)
Each participating state affiliate of AAFCS selects a teacher of the year and submits its entry to the national competition.
According to AAFCS, Cannon's program, Culinary Academics, won the attention of the awards committee because of its innovative approach to integrating all of the educational disciplines.
In 1984, there were 281 family and consumer sciences pre-service teacher education programs reported nationwide, according to AAFCS data.
The shortage is so severe that it threatens the future of the profession and the well-being of countless young people, men and women, families and communities," said former AAFCS President Coby B.
In 1998 and 1999 AAFCS polled State Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences programs about the forecasted supply and demand for family and consumer sciences educators.
Of the states that responded to the AAFCS poll, all agreed that there is a national crisis in the supply of family and consumer sciences educators (74% strongly agree; 26% agree); and the overwhelming majority believed that their individual state faces a crisis in the supply of family and consumer sciences educators (70% strongly agree; 22% agree; 7% neutral).
AAFCS members and others--Soneeta Grogan, Beverly Howell, CFCS; Coby Simerly, CFCS; Nayda Torres; Candia Varni, CFCS.
The AAFCS booklet includes a resource section, "Background Reading and Supporting Materials" for educators who want to help alleviate the shortage.
Like ACTE, AAFCS is a collegial association that has responded to social changes by updating its approach while retaining its mission.
Of the evolution of "home economics" and "vocational educational," AAFCS says, "The nature of family and consumer sciences, as well as the Association's programs, have evolved because of changes in the family, our culture and resources; new knowledge in the basic disciplines; and applied research.
To submit a proposal or to register, call the AAFCS meetings department at 800-424-8080.