AAFEAsian Americans for Equality
AAFEAdvanced Applications Flight Experiment (NASA)
AAFEAll American Front Engine (school bus made by Bluebird)
AAFEAdvanced Application Flight Experiment
AAFEAero Assist Flight Experiment
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With funding from this program, our local businesses will remain stable during these hard economic times," said Chris Kui, executive director of the AAFE.
The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York is proud to call AAFE our member," said Alfred A.
The expenses related to shoplifting, theft prevention and detection reduce the dividends available for the AAFES mission," the release said.
The establishment of the new AAFES partnership and the related creation of the MadeToOrderMilitary.
We are happy to announce that AAFES is embracing the use and distribution of $1 coins," said United States Mint Director Ed Moy.
AAFES began its new check acceptance program in April when It was introduced in East Coast exchanges.
com), AAFES members will be able to participate in contests developed exclusively for AAFES shoppers.
From May 2003 to April 2005, Holloway admitted to conspiring with, among others, Gi-Hwan Jeong, the chief executive officer of Samsung Rental Company Ltd (SSRT), to use Holloway's official position to maintain SSRT's $206 million contract with AAFES to provide telecommunications services to U.
Approved items are then passed on to the Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia, and AAFES for procurement.
Serving a diverse customer base like America's military requires AAFES to seek opportunities to engage military shoppers through a variety of mediums," says David Haning, Chief of Customer Relationship Marketing.
We're going to miss her," said Robin Price, an AAFES team leader and Stover's tent mate.
To better serve the growing Fort Bliss community, AAFES and ServiceStar Development Company are creating the first-ever opportunity for national, regional and local retailers to privately operate within a shopping center on a military installation.