AAFSWAssociates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide
AAFSWAssociation of American Foreign Service Women
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To highlight the best of American volunteerism abroad, James Baker, then secretary of state, and his wife established the SOSA in 1990 together with AAFSW Besides the SOSA honors given at this years ceremony, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Human Resources Constance Dierman and I presented other awards to Foreign Service community volunteers.
Judy Ikels received the 2017 AAFSW Champions of Career Enhancement for Eligible Family Members Award for advancing EFM employment throughout her career.
The 2015 AAFSW award winners pose with Deputy Secretary Heather Higginbottom.
Human Resources Officer Jamie Armstrong was honored for promoting family member employment, and Lara Center, AAFSW's first vice president, was recognized for volunteer contributions to the Foreign Service community through AAFSW.
Also at the awards ceremony, Foreign Service spouse Bob Castro received the Eleanor Dodson Tragen Award for creating a networking organization for Foreign Service spouses and partners, and Barbara Reioux received the Lesley Dorman Award for her service to AAFSW.
Also during the SOSA event, retired Foreign Service Officer Tom Gallagher received the 2012 Eleanor Dodson Tragen Award for his contributions to the well-being of Foreign Service employees and families, and AAFSW member Debbi Miller received the 2012 Lesley Dorman Award for her service to that organization and the Foreign Service community.
SOSA winners are selected by a panel composed of the executive director or a representative from each of the Department's geographic bureaus, plus the AAFSW president and SOSA chairperson and a representative from the Family Liaison Office.
Proceeds from the sale benefit Foreign Service families, community projects and the AAFSW Scholarship Fund.
As AAFSW President Faye Barnes said, "Volunteerism is an American tradition.
Also, the Eleanor Dodson Tragen Award was presented to Mette Beecroft for her exceptional work on many issues since the 1970s to improve the quality of life for Foreign Service families, and the Lesley Dorman Award was presented to AAFSW Program Chair Sheila Switzer for her innovative program work and leadership of the Foreign-born Spouse Committee.
AAFSW said she risked her safety to transport food, clothing and building supplies to the victims.
This year, the merchants Silk Road Imports and Imperio Otomano will sell a variety of quality imported goods, including oriental carpets, on behalf of the AAFSW.