AAGLAApartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (California; est. 1917)
AAGLAAssociation of Greater Los Angeles
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Comprised of 9,400 active apartment owners and property managers, eligible AAGLA members can receive a 5 percent discount on their workers' compensation premiums on policies placed with EMPLOYERS.
In addition to offering eligible members a 5 percent discount, EMPLOYERS will provide AAGLA apartment owners and property managers with information and services to implement risk management programs designed to help reduce costs and promote profitability.
A natural extension of our commitment to our apartment owner and property management members, we're pleased to partner with a dedicated workers' compensation specialist like EMPLOYERS," said Rick Otterstrom, president, AAGLA.
to lobby senators on important industry issues," says Vaughan, who served as AAGLA president from 2009-2011.
A Also on the agenda, member Larry Cannizzaro said AAGLA is in favor of immigration reform as a federal issue.
There's a misperception of what apartment owners are," added Comisar, an AAGLA Government Affairs staff member.
Note: Direct member competition held at AAGLA event.
Lorraine Williams, Customer Service Representative for Tenant Screening, says AAGLA also provides a verbal report that gives an approval, conditional approval or denial recommendation for IROs who want to avoid an annual inspection.